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Wayne Liang on the Importance of Setting Goal

Anyone who has been through the journey of reaching the summits of success can attest to the importance of having a vision or setting goals. Through this meaningful practice, one is being intentional with their actions and decisions. As a result, it becomes easier for them to conquer their endeavors and feel more fulfilled about them in the end. According to Wayne Liang, one of the leading authorities in the entrepreneurial landscape, setting goals is crucial to the success of every entrepreneur. 

Wayne Liang is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur who has successfully built dozens of businesses by following the simple structure of setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method. With the said method in mind, the industry leader explained that one’s goals must be five things—specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. He believes that these attributes will allow any go-getter to come up with more viable and solid objectives. 

In an interview, the visionary shared that much of his success can be attributed to his habit of visualizing and goal-setting. As one of the foremost advocates of using the S.M.A.R.T. method in setting goals, he explained that staying grounded is an essential part of dreaming big. “It’s not always about reaching a huge milestone right off the bat. It’s about progressing in your journey, celebrating the small wins, and carrying the momentum into the next stage,” he said. 

Wayne Liang also went on to talk about concrete ways to make one’s goals S.M.A.R.T. He elaborated that it is important to set specific goals so that people can accurately plan their next steps and acquire a good understanding of how far off they are from their goals. On top of that, he also said that setting measurable goals is just as necessary since this will track anyone’s progress and determine if any adjustments are needed. 

“The key is to set realistic goals that are attainable in a timely manner. While it’s nice to be ambitious and have the desire to accomplish a lot in a small time frame, it’s not mentally sustainable,” Wayne Liang shared. “I’ve seen people set absurd goals and fail to accomplish them over and over again. They’ll eventually start thinking they aren’t cut out for the task, but what they don’t understand is, it’s not about their ability to reach the goal, it’s their inability to set proper ones.”

Aside from being specific, measurable, and attainable, Wayne Liang also emphasized that goals should be relevant and time-based. No matter how great a goal is, its realization will not matter if it does not resonate with one’s passion or calling.

“Your goals should always align with your long-term objectives and master plan. You can do simple tricks like reverse-engineering the goal. You start big, then break it down into smaller goals and simpler tasks that progress towards those goals,” he reiterated. 

Wayne Liang then ended the interview by stressing the element of timeliness. “Your goals should always revolve around a timeline. After all, a goal without a deadline is just a dream. Hold yourself accountable to these deadlines, and set realistic timelines to accomplish them,” he left off. 

On a mission to help aspirants across the globe, Wayne Liang encourages people to follow the S.M.A.R.T. method of setting goals. He wants to remind go-getters that setting a goal should be the first thing on their list when it comes to pursuing their dreams. 

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