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What is Trackwrestling?

Trackwrestling is a web-based software application providing tools to leagues, coaches, and athletes that allows you to manage your roster of athletes and contests. It was created in response to the growth of indoor and outdoor sports. The application tracks athletes, categorizes athletes by skill level, manages games and contests, tracks workouts, keeps stats for individuals and teams, and coaches classifications.

What is trackwrestling?

This is more than just a wrestling scorekeeping system. They can also be used to manage swimming and soccer scores and stats, as well as track workouts, groupings, and practices. This is part of SportsEngine, Inc., an NBC Sports Group company, and offers a variety of services for complete sports life management, including live streaming and archived video services.

SportsEngine is a web-based software application that manages the life-cycle of athletes and teams. Therefore, It offers a variety of services for complete sports life management, including live streaming and archived video services. However, this is part of SportsEngine.

Therefore, Trackwrestling is a web-based application that tracks and categorizes athletes. However, it can be used to manage the life-cycle of athletes and teams, track workouts, groupings, practices, and works with other SportsEngine applications.

Mobile app for this

SportsEngine offers a mobile app to allow coaches and athletes to manage games and work out on the move or keep track of their team’s performances against competitors. Trackwrestling allows all teams to keep track of their team and individual athletes, games, and contests, as well as track workouts for individuals and teams.

SportsEngine offers live streaming video and archival video services. SportsEngine partners with colleges and high schools for a variety of sports. They allow users to track individual scores and stats, as well as team scores and stats, for other sports. SportsEngine offers cloud storage services to allow users to store games and workout videos in the cloud.

SportsEngine is a web-based application that manages the life-cycle of athletes and teams. This allows all teams to keep track of their team and individual athletes, games, and contests, as well as track workouts. They offer live streaming video services.

Their services

1. Event Management

Their event management service tracks events, participants, and all related information. A single user can manage as many as 10,000 events with them. They have built-in event management for track teams, to keep track of team meets and individual events.

Trackwrestling’s event management allows users to track athletes and events for any season, including track and field, and cross-country. This also offers swimming and soccer event management, as well as a training planning tool for coaches.

Scramble Pairings

Trackwrestling’s scramble pairing tool allows coaches to create and manage workouts. The scramble pairing tool is specifically designed for the demands of collegiate track teams. Users can adjust the length of the workout and the desired rest period between sets.

They allow coaches to build a measurement matrix and assign different weights to different elements in order to see which athletes are meeting the goals for a specific season.

  • Online Registration

SportsEngine Online Registration allows users to create, post, and manage athletic events for their club or league. SportsEngine’s online registration also allows clubs and leagues to accept registrations for all of their contests.

SportsEngine allows coaches to create online registration forms for their specific sports, and post the results of their events. Trackwrestling’s Online Registration includes a complete electronic registration system, which is similar to the electronic registration systems used at many colleges and high schools.

  • Score Clocks

Trackwrestling’s score clocks allow users to track different types of scores for a variety of sports. These score clocks provide the ability to display scores from multiple fields, including track and field. Their score clocks are designed for use with all SportsEngine applications.

  • Text/Email Alerts

This provides text and email alerts to coaches and athletes. They support a variety of sports, including track and field, cross-country, swimming, soccer, and golf. Their alerts can be sent in a variety of fields, including telephone and email. This also offers a premium service that allows coaches and athletes to customize their text and email alerts.

2. Trackcast

Trackcast is an online video distribution service offered by SportsEngine. This currently offers live streaming services for track and field, soccer, swimming, and lacrosse. Therefore, SportsEngine partners with colleges and high schools for a variety of sports.

  • Generate Revenue

Trackwrestling generates revenue by allowing users to subscribe to premium services, including personalized text and email alerts, customizable video hosting, and direct links to athlete stats. They make money through partnerships with sports event organizers. Therefore, these partnerships allow them to reach a broader audience for its services.

  • One Laptop

One Laptop gives users access to a web-based application for managing their athletic schedule, including their personal calendars. They give users the ability to add multiple team members, track multiple events, and create different event groups.

  • Custom Tickers

SportsEngine allows users to generate revenue by placing trackwrestling content on their private websites or social networking pages. Users can also embed tickers into their online stories, or include the live video feed from this.

  • Content Delivery

SportsEngine allows users to link content from trackwrestling.com to their own websites. Therefore, this allows users to reach a broader audience for their content. However, SportsEngine offers a variety of mobile apps for sports teams and individual athletes.

  • Channel Packages

SportsEngine offers channel packages to engage users with content from other websites and social networking sites. Users can generate revenue by selling ads on their own website through SportsEngine’s channel packages. Therefore, SportsEngine provides very little in the way of information about its partners.

3. Roster, Schedule, and Results Reporting

Their roster, schedule, and results reporting include real-time scores for all team and individual events. They also allow users to track statistics for individual athletes. However, this offers full tournament management with direct upload of results to this.

4. Membership

SportsEngine’s membership allows coaches and parents to create accounts and personalize their experience. Therefore, Trackwrestling has one of the largest rosters of athletes, with a variety of sports. Therefore, they offer a premium membership that allows coaches to customize the way they take care of their athletes.


Trackwrestling does a great job at providing live streaming video services for high school, collegiate and club sports. Therefore, this provides its services through SportsEngine, which seems to be a digital clearinghouse for college athletics. However, they provide coaching tools and a variety of educational tools.

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