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The Foo Fighters Divide Fans With Mandatory Vaccination Proof for Their Gigs in Atlanta and Alaska

Source: Variety

When the global pandemic shook the world last year, several industries were forced to compromise for the safety of people. Many businesses were forced to close up shop and events had to be rescheduled. However, with vaccines rolling out, restrictions have been lifted to a degree, allowing people to return to their favorite recreational activities. Cinemas have opened up again and even concerts have returned. In the Atlanta scene, gigs have been given the green light, but legendary band The Foo Fighters have issued a warning that only allows people with proof of vaccination or negative tests to join them in their gigs.

The announcement of festivals coming back alerted music lovers throughout the country, and many organizations quickly pulled together plans that could bring artists and fans together. However, safety precautions have been a priority with bands sharing their sentiments. The Foo Fighters were among the most vocal, telling concertgoers to bring proof of vaccination for COVID or evidence of a recent negative test result if they want to rock with the band. Their requirement, while perfectly reasonable, was met with criticisms for some fans.

The band joined the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, replacing Stevie Nicks after she pulled out from all of her scheduled concert dates with the cases surging in recent weeks. “These are challenging times with challenging decisions that have to be made,” said the artist, “I want everyone to be safe and healthy, and the rising COVID cases should be a concern to all of us.”

Fans who were eager to see their favorite band were met with terms and conditions prior to buying tickets from Ticketmaster. The statement reads: “By purchasing tickets for this event, I confirm that at the time of the event I will have received a negative COVID-19 test within 48-hours of the event, OR have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (14 days past final vaccination shot), and will provide proof of vaccination prior to entering the venue.” The award-winning band aired the same sentiments in all of their concert gigs, including their Alaska concert dates.

Despite their concern for their fans, several people online have expressed their disdain for this move with a few calling out to boycott the band’s future gigs and other venues that share the same requirement. One Twitter user wrote, “No foo fights concert then. I refuse to live in this sort of world,” while another was vocal regarding their requirement for an upcoming gig in Alaska before adding an unrelated dig at the state’s law, saying, “Never liked them anyways. Alaska is garbage too, they allow pregnant children to get married.” British politician and London mayor candidate condemned the band online by saying, “When I was a boy, almost all musicians and rock stars were against apartheid. Now, with some notable exceptions, the majority of them are imposing it. Shame on them. #NoMedicalApartheid.” The tweet received support from other anti-vaxxers who echoed the same feelings.

Regardless of what others have to say, The Foo Fighters remain adamant in their stance, looking out for the safety of their audience.

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