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The Authority Playbook: The Barnes and Noble Best-Selling Book on Every Entrepreneur’s Reading List

Today’s entrepreneurs are at an advantage – they are starting and scaling ventures in a digital world with no shortage of tools and resources designed to help go-getters gain a solid foothold in their respective industries. From training programs to innovative platforms, a wide selection of success enablers is available and accessible. One of the current favorites and becoming a go-to guidebook for those hoping to emerge as an industry leader is Dillon Kivo’s The Authority Playbook: How to Become the #1 Authority in Your Niche. 

Released in March 2022, The Authority Playbook managed to secure a coveted spot in Barnes and Noble’s bestselling list because of the way it maneuvers every reader toward the success they have always set their eyes on from the get-go. Its value rests on its recognition of the power digital media possesses and its deep understanding of how entrepreneurs can leverage the advancements of digital technology to transform into an authority in their niche. 

In recent years, many of the business books that have hit the shelves explored what it takes to enter the entrepreneurial realm, a space known for its cut-throat and saturated nature. The Authority Playbook takes a step further by encouraging people to aim higher and stand out amid a sea of equally driven hustlers. At its core is the message that it’s not enough to stay afloat. Instead, rising through the ranks and enjoying a position at the forefront should be the overarching goal that fuels their efforts. 

An entertaining read, The Authority Playbook is rich with insights that are easily digestible for both budding entrepreneurs and established power players alike. Moreover, it broke down professional concepts into elements, an approach that easily explains why the book is currently on countless business owners’ reading lists. 

Given the mind behind this bestselling resource, the practicality that characterizes The Authority Playbook, and the extent to which it guides readers through the processes involved in expanding one’s reach and increasing visibility in order to obtain wealth, influence, and freedom isn’t surprising. Dillon Kivo, the founder of Authority Titans and Kivo Daily, is known for his expertise in several areas, from digital marketing and brand management to creating media outreach programs, developing media strategy, social verification, and other marketing services. 

A trusted PR authority, seasoned speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Dillon Kivo has helped Fortune 500 companies, high-level executives, A-list celebrities, and professional athletes hog the spotlight by leveraging media placements. He is the co-author of the award-winning marketing guidebook The Growth Hacking Book and works with a long list of notable publications and media outlets, such as Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo, NY Weekly, LA Wire, IMDb, CEO Weekly, and more. 

Over the years, Dillon Kivo has built a reputation for his ability to propel clients toward the limelight by capitalizing on digital platforms and for the impressive accomplishment of transforming his venture into one of the PR giants in the industry. His expertise and extensive experience make him a credible voice for entrepreneurs who wish to hear the secrets of success. 

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