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Orange Green: LA’s Minimal, Durable, and Timeless Architectural Design Company

Taking the international architecture and design industry by storm is Orange Green, a company based in LA, with offices in Bierut and Riyadh, operated by a group of entrepreneur “technocrats” who are experts in the field of architectural design and eco-friendly construction. Today, the company seeks to educate the world about the benefits of solar and wind energy utilization.

Orange Green, also known as OG Studios, was founded by Jad Fayez Osseiran, an entrepreneur with a degree in architecture from California State Polytechnic University. He has a background in environmental design, which helps his company create innovative solutions for architecture, design, and construction that are sustainable for the environment. The company provides services for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. 

Being the leading industrial sector in California, the architecture industry demands the latest technology in design and construction, and Orange and Green does not disappoint. The company is at the forefront when it comes to BIM Construction and Models, 3D Modeling, and in the Project Construction Documentation industry.  

Orange Green Studios strives to provide innovative solutions to achieve each request of the client. The company takes pride in the results-oriented approach that it takes. The ultimate goal is to attain 100% client satisfaction for every project that the company partakes. Moreover, the company caters to highly-customized and personalized bespoke clienteles looking to build eco-friendly homes, offices, and other institutions. 

The company is best known for coming up with some of the most creative and innovative solutions in the architecture industry. Some of its unique creations include the “Folded Concrete Planes,” a concept custom-cabin entirely made out of earth materials that consist of a “folded” concrete structure securely anchored into the sloping site. Another innovation by Orange Green was their take on the building’s program where the first floor consisted of the livable space” and the second floor consisted of public spaces designed to be accessible for wheelchair and the disabled featuring a platform “deck” with a large skylight that captures the scenic forest overlooking the mountain.

What sets Orange Green apart from its competitors is its dedication and commitment to the community and the environment. Its active participation in community services and environmental clean-up activities is truly impressive. Furthermore, the company even encourages its clients to grow their food, recycle resources, and, ultimately, establish healthier living. 

Indeed, not many can match the company’s renowned expertise in geometric composition, documentation, and advanced architectural technology that measures up to international standards. With that in mind, Orange Green is one of the few companies that cater best to high-end markets through its “green architecture” approach, where the impact on the environment is taken into account and prioritized.

“Architecture design can be green and eco-friendly. Hopefully, people can go from knowing nothing regarding green architecture to realizing numerous scalable benefits of sustainability. Living in a household that is self-sufficient will save the environment,” says the owner of Orange Green Studios. 

Learn more about Orange Green and its green architectural projects by visiting its official website.

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