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James Paul Baratta on Pursuing His Passion and Taking a Chance

In life, what may seem like the ultimate destination can often turn out to be just one of the many temporary stops along the way. As a matter of fact, James Paul Baratta knows more than anyone else that some journeys end so that even greater ones can begin. Indeed, there is no shortcut to success. And according to James, the least that one can do is enjoy the ride and learn from it. 

Although being passionate about something does not guarantee success, it is a great place to start. Nothing pushes a person to be more motivated and fired up than doing the things that make them feel alive. And true enough, it was by pursuing his passion that James Paul Baratta was able to reach the pinnacle of a meaningful career.

Highly regarded for being a former litigation attorney, James Paul Baratta was exposed to the extensive training that involved advanced legal drafting, crisis management, and negotiation. Despite doing extremely well in his legal career, James knew that his passion lies with video games. And for this reason, he transitioned out of law and dove into the ever-dynamic world of esports.

In 2017, James Paul Baratta and his high school best friends—Krishna Sani and Anthony Morgan—created ICEBRKRSCLAN. The group originally planned just to hang out while playing Destiny on XBOX and upload their content on Instagram. But to their surprise, their social following grew until their inboxes were flooded with messages from people who wanted to collaborate with them.

With opportunities popping up, James Paul Baratta and the rest of the team decided to use ICE clan to mentor young gamers and provide them with resources and guidance. And with over two million subscribers downstream in its social media network, ICE maintains a roster of content creators and competitive players. It has then become a marketing vehicle for James’ consulting business—FT Empire. 

Using ICE clan’s unique access to millennials and Gen Z gamers, James Paul Baratta built the backbone of his gaming business. As an esports consultant and entrepreneur, James devotes his time to a large network of companies, including his non-profit entity, NACL, founded with FaZe Clan investor Dave Chen. ICE clan has participated in several NACL events and regularly hosts regular segments on the NACL’s stream. 

In addition, James Paul Baratta also serves as the VP of Special Projects for XR Sports—a tournament solutions platform that offers white-glove services to top-tier organizations like Team Envy. On top of that, Baratta is the head of user acquisition for software developer Wizard Labs and consults for the hottest name in esports—XSET.

Had he given up on his dreams of being in the esports and gaming industry, James Paul Baratta would not have known what genuine happiness and success would look like. Leaving his litigation career was a big risk. However, he listened to his heart and took a plunge into the pool of the great unknown. And in the end, everything paid off. 

With everything that he has accomplished, James Paul Baratta proves that beautiful things blossom from earnest efforts and faith in oneself. The climb to the top is never easy. But with dedication, commitment, and diligence, anything is possible. Through his experiences, James sends the powerful message that growth’s discomfort can lead to the most wonderful transformation. 

Using his story to motivate others, James Paul Baratta invites everyone to take a chance. Uncertainty may be scary, but what lies beyond it will always be worth it. 

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