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How Zen Payments’ Credit Card Processing Solution Changed the Game for High-Risk Merchants

High-risk merchants need high-risk protection, especially when it comes to credit card processing systems since they are the most vulnerable to fraud or chargebacks. But because of their status, high-risk merchants often find it hard to find payment processing partners like banks, and traditional processors will likely deny their applications. Zen Payments has been the country’s leading provider for high-risk merchant accounts over the last 15 years. Bringing tailored solutions suited for their clients’ needs, the company is dominating the field in the high-risk processor industry.

Zen Payments is on a mission to provide honest and transparent solutions for their clients, taking into account efficiency and seamlessness no matter the size of their business or the industry they are in. The company serves countless high-risk merchants, from seminar merchant accounts to ecommerce merchant accounts. Zen aims to be a business partner their clients can rely on at all times, eliminating the chances of errors through their state-of-the-art credit card processing system. 

“If you have been a business owner for long, you will know that credit card processing is an industry plagued with complexity, dishonesty, and inflexibility. Our founders saw this and set out to bring transparency, honesty, and flexibility to the industry, becoming the #1 most-recommended high-risk payment processor,” shared Jens Peterson, a representative of Zen Payments. “To us, business is about so much more than the bottom line. It is about enabling others to succeed and helping cultivate a marketplace of compassion and trust. We do this by offering reasonable and easy to understand rates, not locking you into a lengthy and expensive contract and being on the cutting edge of payment technology.”

In addition, Zen Payments has been providing unrivaled high-risk payment gateways over the past three years. Since its founding, the company has catered to many high-risk merchants, including credit repair merchant accounts, ecommerce merchant accounts, CBD merchant accounts, and many other high-risk businesses. Through the years, the company has expanded its portfolio to various industries.

“When you work with a high-risk payment processor like Zen Payments, you can expect to receive the best possible customer service, low high-risk merchant rates, full chargeback protection, and a friend in the credit card processing industry,” shared Peterson. 

Furthermore, Zen Payments is one of the only high-risk merchant processing partners in its field to provide compatible solutions with all major ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Clickfunnels, and many more. Zen also provides terminal services for companies without an active website, a must for small business owners and start-up companies in the high-risk merchant landscape. Zen has also established connections and relationships with over 15 accredited banks, providing the merchants under its portfolio with even more advantages. 

Zen Payments acknowledges how crucial their roles are in ensuring that their high-risk merchants gain the best results. The company processes hundreds of millions of high-risk transactions every month for businesses nationwide. Hence, Zen Payments strives to always stay on top of its game with unparalleled customer service and commitment to excellence.

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