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Hoffman Academy of Music Simplifying Piano and Music Lessons through Easy-to-Learn Methods

Learning to play a musical instrument can bring so much joy and satisfaction, but not many people think of “taking music lessons” as something that’s going to be a joyful experience. Why not? Music lessons can be costly, both in time and in money, and it can seem to take forever before you can really play the songs you want.  Mr. Hoffman, the founder of Hoffman Academy Music School, is stepping in to change all of this. As an experienced piano teacher, he knows the challenges many people have faced in learning how to play the piano and has developed more effective methods of teaching that will help anyone discover their inner musician.

Hoffman Academy offers students complete musical training through the Hoffman Method. It focuses on natural exploration and discovery of musical sounds while providing a complete curriculum of music theory and note reading. The Hoffman Method is founded on Mr. Hoffman’s experience in music and childhood education. It is backed up by his decades of work as a piano teacher and expert educator with advanced music degrees. Mr. Hoffman is also a composer, has presented at various piano teacher workshops and national conferences, and acts as a judge at piano festivals. 

The Hoffman Method teaches music by having students experience music. This is similar to the way children learn their native language – by listening and imitating sounds. The Hoffman Method is so effective that it enables learners to start making music immediately, which is more fun and rewarding than memorizing theory and terminologies. “We’re changing everything you know about piano lessons,” Mr. Hoffman said. “The old-fashioned teaching methods can take all the fun out of learning. We think there’s a better way.”

The success of the Hoffman Academy has been astronomical. Currently, Hoffman Academy has trained over 265,000 students across 115 countries. YouTube videos produced by the school have had more than 31 million views. But what really matters is that individual students throughout the world have been eager to return to the piano bench, lesson after lesson. 

Hoping to bring more music into homes everywhere, Hoffman Academy reaches out to children and families looking for a piano school that offers remote learning at affordable costs. Hoffman Academy would also love to connect with media outfits like music magazines, podcasts, websites, blogs and events to get the word out and attract more music learners. Hoffman Academy has a team of 14 educators who provide in-person and group lessons to over 250,000 students in Portland, Oregon and help shape its online curriculum. Please contact them through their website for more information.

Over the next few years, Mr. Hoffman hopes to fill as many homes as possible with music by teaching young children not only how to play the piano, but also the fundamentals of music and how to create their own melodies. “Music makes the world more beautiful, and it’s not enough to just consume it. What if you can create it? Each child is born with such amazing creative potential. The thing that gets us up each morning at Hoffman Academy is wanting to inspire this next generation of music makers and creative thinkers through music education that is fun, effective, and available to everyone,” Mr. Hoffman said.

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