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Grand Enterprises Seeks Greater Glory as It Brings Entertainment to the Next Level

The rate at which people seek out entertainment is nothing like ever before. We look for entertainment in movies, sports, social media, music, and countless other ways. Accordingly, there are those organizations that ride the wave and others that try to mold the future of entertainment. Grand Enterprises is very clearly the latter. 

Grand Enterprises could easily be mistaken as any other talent agency in the United States because they make their stars shine. But almost in the same light, they shine brightly through the entertainment industry’s unrest. Operated by its president, Jose De La Cruz, Grand Enterprises is easily one of the most recognizable brands in talent and personality management brands. 

The first has over twenty-five years of untainted reputation in entertainment and beyond. Grand Enterprises currently manages and represents four-time world champion Jorge Linares. The firm and Klimas Management manage the sons of former world champion Fernando “El Feroz” Vargas. Most notably, the family of boxers has become known as The Vargas Dynasty— Fernando Jr, Amado and Emiliano Vargas. The firm also represents many sportsmen, anchors, celebrities, musicians, and comedians, such as Steve Kim, The Game, Todd Grisham, Leila Ciancaglini, J Valentino, Concrete, and many others. The climb to representation greatness has been everything but easy for Grand Enterprises and Jose De La Cruz. Yet despite the challenges and highly-competitive atmosphere, the company has risen to significant heights over the last quarter of a century. 

On top of talent management, the company also has some of the most excellent events management services. Grand Enterprises manages small to significant events, even mounting sporting spectaculars with over 100,000 people in attendance. Some of their marquee events include Route 91 Harvest, Stagecoach Festival, Intersect, EDC Las Vegas.

“Our company is proud to proclaim our experience, quality and professionalism,” explains the company’s president, Jose. “We have accomplished hundreds of events, including fairs, festivals and private events. Within our talent and professional athlete management includes producers, actors, athletes, and artists. In addition, we book our talent at local and international venues.” 

Grand Enterprises now stands as the golden standard of high-quality production services and creative ideas that bring something new to everyone’s entertainment event. Some of the most memorable experiences they have crafted have become the talk of many media outlets and some of the most respected and elite groups in fighting sports and music. Its vast network also allows them to close various sponsorship deals that bring brands excellent mileage and exposure.

Recently, Grand Enterprises also paired up with Klimas management to bring the largest boxing and sports management firm ever at a global scale.

“With our combined experience and stable of professional boxers, we are ready to take the industry by storm,” exclaims Jose De La Cruz.

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