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Christian Younan AKA DJ Chris Angel and His Life Trajectory into the Music Industry

Many times, sticking to one’s guns regarding life choices pays off as long as the will to succeed and the determination to keep that will going are present. This describes Christian Younan’s journey through life, from working two jobs as a teenager to serving in the military and now entertaining the world with his music.

DJ Chris’ journey has not been without challenges, as the years he spent in the military brought bouts of depression and anxiety when he left the military. But, never being one to back down from a fight or stay down when kicked to the ground, he got back up and channeled everything within him to his music.

For Christian Younan, music has always been a part of his life. As a young boy who had to grow up quickly at the age of 14, he worked at a coffee shop watering plants. When he was 16, he had two jobs as a high school student. He saved his income, and when he got the first chance to pursue music, he used his savings to buy his first music equipment and old records so he could start scratching as a DJ.

Naturally, music was his first love, and he proved that by giving up so many things, including football practice. He got his DJ name “Chris Angel” from football due to his long hair at the time. One of his teammates called him “Chris Angel,” and the name has stuck ever since.

DJ Chris Angel has done nothing but believes strongly in himself, which has defined his journey over the years. He has never shied away from investing in his ideas and building a structure around the brand he’s been trying to build for himself. Also, seeking knowledge and information has helped him stay ahead of the curve and be updated on the latest trends in his niche and other aspects of life.

DJ Chris Angel lives his life around the mantra “Live your life as if you had a film crew documenting your success,” a quote by Joe Rogan. Thus, while he maintains his authenticity, he avoids any form of negativity while making sure he creates projects he and his audience will be proud of. He also believes in starting every long journey with a step and seeing every loss as a lesson rather than a loss.

Christian credits his drive to create music to his fans, who constantly demand more from him. He also draws motivation from their support, and he counts on them for the next few years to keep supporting his career and music.

His goals include building a highly successful career influential enough to build other creative people. In five years, he hopes to work with artists he has always looked up to and prove to the music world and the world at large that he’s a worthy talent to watch and support.Learn more about DJ Chris Angel on his official Instagram page.

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