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Ask ASTR Is Poised to Change the Healthcare System with the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Free Pre-medical Evaluation

Time and time again, the issue of affordable and accessible healthcare has been consistently brought up, but no sustainable solutions have ever come close to breaking the mainstream. After all, health should be the public’s number 1 priority, but it has become increasingly difficult with the rising costs of healthcare and the lack of support from the government. Fortunately, technology has come a long way, and the power of Artificial Intelligence has been leveraged by a company known as Ask ASTR.

Ask ASTR is a solution for affordable healthcare by offering free online medical evaluation by leveraging the technological prowess of Artificial Intelligence. One of the emerging factors that have caused the rising costs of healthcare is the medical evaluations performed by multiple doctor visits. Through Ask ASTR, this process will no longer be necessary, allowing patients to save at least $150 to $500 on doctor’s visits. 

The technology is here, and it’s here to stay. Ask ASTR lets users know which healthcare provider they need to see, whether or not they need to go to the Emergency Room, or whether what they have is an emergency condition. The powerful tool allows for free online medical evaluations that are accurate, convenient, and accessible.

Dr. Joseph Jacobs, esteemed medical professional, created Ask ASTR to utilize the ever-growing capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to help people have a free online medical evaluation. He saw a massive gap in how the healthcare system treats patients with rising check-up costs and figured that there should be a much better system in place to make the service far more affordable and accessible to all.

Ultimately, the goal of the project is to save people’s lives by directing them to proper healthcare services or treating themselves at home naturally. Ask ASTR aims to reach millions of people who are in need of healthcare at no cost for pre-medical evaluation. Much like how Google operates, Dr. Jacobs envisions his creation to become the widely accessible search engine for medical evaluations, which is free and readily available no matter where the patients may be.

There is massive potential in the software to save a lot of people’s lives. The algorithm that is built within Ask ASTR detects possible life-threatening conditions and helps patients navigate the situation by pointing them towards the right course of action. The revolutionary software is poised to change the healthcare system for the better, lowering the costs and removing the accessibility issues that have plagued the system for far too long.

Most patients are not aware of the things they should do when they have health concerns and would rather just Google it, but the answers from the search engine are far from the action and could lead them in the wrong direction. Ask ASTR provides a more accurate alternative and offers customized health plans based on the patient’s medical history, matching their answer with the CDC and FDA recommendations for the proper course of action.

Ask ASTR is bringing an innovative solution to the healthcare system, and the software will only grow much bigger as the years go by. 

To know more about this amazing project, make sure to check out Dr. Joseph Jacobs’ YouTube channel, where he explains the underlying software.

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