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ArieCan Productions Continues to Captivate Audiences Worldwide Through Remarkable Film Projects

Over the years, the film and TV industry has continued to evolve in diverse ways, often in the direction of prevalence. However, despite this, not all can be considered an absolute success. For Leonard Martin and Larry Harris, the art of filmmaking is not just about profit-making; it’s bringing joy to people who enjoy entertainment and prefer it served in the form of a remarkable narrative.

Martin and Harris were both born and raised in Baltimore, the largest independent city in the United States. It’s known for its rich history, great music scene, and an exceptional variety of seafood; but it’s not all that Baltimore has to offer because deep in the heart of the city are a slew of talented individuals who are just waiting for their chance to get discovered. But of course, this is not news for both Martin and Harris. They believe Baltimore is teeming with gifted folks they want to showcase through ArieCan Productions, a production company responsible for the hit web series Chapter 2.

Martin says, “Baltimore has a wealth of talent and potential. We were disappointed at how little recognition there was. So we decided to create Chapter 2, The Web Series.” 

“It was a huge adventure—we didn’t know what we were doing when we started, but then we ‘learned-by-doing,’ and it has become a great success,” Harris added.

ArieCan Productions was founded in 2017 by Martin and Harris, both people of color, who determined that the perfect way to achieve and offer quality films that would speak to their audience in ways they want to was to do it themselves. Together, these two extraordinary men put in their best efforts to create Chapter 2, a web series that garnered almost 350,000 views on YouTube from its first nine episodes. Now, Martin and Harris, who refer to themselves as underdogs in the industry, are set to release two new productions: a comedy called Dear Diary and a searing new drama called Secrets, much to the delight of their loyal viewers. 

Both Baltimoreans built ArieCan Productions from the ground up after being denied several opportunities to showcase their capabilities on other people’s projects, asserting that so many people have been dismissed for reasons other than their actual talent. 

“No one wanted us to come through their doors, so we built our own,” they said. With ArieCan, they are big on the idea that talent speaks volumes, and that is how they intend to keep it even in more years to come.

Through their distinct and diverse storytelling, ArieCan continues to deliver exceptional projects that draw attention for all the good and delightful reasons. Though they are incredibly proud of how much they have achieved over time, Harris and Martin still hold hope that in a few more years, ArieCan can grow to be a premiere powerhouse production company in Hollywood, not an impossible feat at all considering how the production company continues to deliver great drama, laughs, and thrills to its audiences worldwide. Check out their website to learn more about ArieCan Productions and their projects.

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