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Yacht Hampton expands and shares its boat rental fleet, launching SouthFloridaYachtRental.com

Every change in the social, economic, and political landscape corresponds to an emergence of gaps in the industries affected. The COVID-19 outbreak, for example, did not only cause millions of tragic deaths but also paralyzed so many sectors. To this date, individuals and sectors alike are still reeling from its debilitating impact and trying to navigate a world forever marked by the pandemic. For people hoping to cope with the challenges of the past two years by pursuing their passion and enjoying their hobbies, they were faced with a reality that includes travel restrictions, price surges, and issues with demand and supply. Yacht Hampton has risen to the fore to address some of these problems, particularly those hindering Hamptonites from making the most of their summers. 

A budding powerhouse in the industry, Yacht Hampton (formerly known as Hamptons Boat Rental) is a highly trusted venture that offers both casual boating and yachting enthusiasts the opportunity to charter a vessel from its impressive collection of 11 multi-million dollar boats and yachts. Known for its tailored services, this fast-growing company has become the go-to rental service provider for people in need of an escape to the water. 

Since its founding, the exclusive VIP boating club is a family business spearheaded by Joe Ialacci whose offerings have transformed the summer of 2021 into a memorable one for it’s fortunate clients. Not only did Yacht Hampton make it possible to enjoy a yachting lifestyle without the stress that comes with ownership, such as dockage, insurance, maintenance, and winter storage, but it did so at affordable prices. 

At its core, Yacht Hampton hopes to serve as the perfect solution to the host of challenges caused by the pandemic, one of which is the spike in demand for powerboats and yachts of all sizes and the concerning lack of supply.

“Predictably, prices have gone up, and for those who do manage to find a boat that suits their needs, finding a spot at their chosen marina is often the next challenge  to overcome,” shared by the strategic mind of founder Joe Ialacci.

Known for their massive fleet of powerboats ranging from the 21’ Bayliners to the massive 62’ Italian Pershing and 88’ Warren Super Yacht. Yacht Hampton’s success has stemmed from both recognition of their staff’s professionalism as well as their lavish fleet options. Ialacci commented, “Seven of the 10 boats are 2020 models or newer. This isn’t your Grandpa Earl’s boat club.” 

Dedicated to delivering a premium experience, Yacht Hampton went all-out in expanding its inventory of offerings. Believing that time on the water wouldn’t be perfect without a large selection of top-of-the-line water toys, which makes sure that it has on-hand jet skis, hydrofoil hoverboards, electric surfboards, paddleboards, floating islands, tubes, and more. 

Thanks to its fleet of vessels and customer-focused services, Yacht Hampton has succeeded in earning the loyalty of New Yorkers. Banking on its current momentum, the acclaimed venture has entered the South Florida market.  Yacht Hampton has now placed boats in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach and Key Biscayne.

Learn more about Yacht Hampton’s new venture, South Florida Yacht Rental by visiting its website.

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