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Why Michele Mupo Came Out of Retirement and Risked It All to Start a Multimedia Company

Artist and entrepreneur Michele Mupo has decided to come out of retirement to continue a legacy of music, entertainment, and artistic renown by starting her own company Mupo Entertainment. Today, she’s making waves across the industry.

Michele Mupo, also referred to as Fuchsia, is a professional singer,songwriter, musician and entrepreneur who mostly played and worked with rock bands for most of her career. After a stint as a dancer on Club MTV, she was a professional ghostwriter for several recording artists who would reach national renown. Many of her songs would reach top ten hits. Eventually, Michele would get signed by Cool Music Incorporated where she was endorsed by cool guitar pics and a production deal. Then Michele signed a 10-year contract with music legend Rodney Jerkins Sr. before moving on to the next chapter.

Michele Mupo owned  MuTan Entertainment. In that venture, Fuschia worked alongside Dawn Marie, recording artists and drummer Bernard Purdie, and Carlene Tanner. The company handled several rappers and artists, including Mumm Ra, Big City, Session, and Tony Hustle, who all still have rewarding music careers to this date. Then from there sold it and started MUDA Multimedia Entertainment with Former WWE / ECW Diva Dawn Marie and World’s Most Recorded Drummer Bernard Perdie.

Michele started writing a sitcom and decided to bring in Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie on an adult-oriented sitcom when Dawn Marie introduced her to Former WWE Diva Mickie James who was added to write as well. Michele stated, “Things happened for a reason Mickie flew in, we went into the studio to write music together, the chemistry was so amazing I had to bring her into the Siticom as well as many other projects.” That project would later evolve into a magazine, photography studio, and celebrity talent management firm where she had worked with many WWE, TNA, television, and movie stars, booking them for appearances and projects all in one one-stop-shop package. But on January 18,2021 Michele was assaulted on a train coming home from NYC where she was diagnosed as being permanently disabled, which led to her dissolving MUDA Multimedia Entertainment.

Michele Mupo came out of hiatus and re-entered the entertainment industry when COVID spiked. A few of her friends probed her to start a new company, so she did just that, duplicating the last company but as Michele said “10x ing that and adding digital TV.” Things really picked up, which led to MUPO Entertainment. Founded in June 2020, MUPO promotes talented individuals in the music and entertainment industries. The company would also create MUPO TV, a new streaming platform that will feature original content created by up-and-coming artists.

Mupo Entertainment is a widely respected business that now offers full-service representation and management for its artist clients and personalities. The firm has the oversight of experienced leaders who understand the entertainment industry and marketplace. Mupo has what it takes to help artists gain a successful career.

“MUPO Entertainment offers a full-service representation that is strategic, collaborative and team-based,” explained Michele. “We have assembled an experienced team of industry leaders who understand the entertainment industry and marketplace and have what it takes to operate and manage a successful career.” When asked why she re-entered the entertainment industry, Mupo referenced solely her desire to make a difference in other people’s lives, whether it’s audiences who enjoy their content or the artists they help elevate. 

Michele Mupo AKA Fuchsia is also a famous actress and personality that has appeared in many TV series, movies, nightclubs, commercials, and internet radio stations. She starred in many titular roles, including parts in films like “Soap Dish,” “Basic Instinct,” and “What We Do.” She also co-hosted a show called “Fuchsia and Friends,” which featured Joy Giovanni as a co-host and gathered over 100,000 listeners.

Michele Mupo hopes that her work will continue to pave the way for more upcoming artists and elevate entertainment experiences. Her recent project, Mupo TV, hopes to accelerate that mission. Learn more about Michele and Mupo Entertainment by visiting their official website, MUPOTV.com, Instagram, and Michele Mupo – IMDb

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