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Wavy Baby Brows, LLC Bringing Back Youth in Natural Ways

Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, but using the principles that Wavy Baby Brows, LLC was built on, Kierra is looking at the bigger picture. Referencing a new study that declared features like lips and eyebrows as standout features when people grow older, Kierra Pershall built Wavy Bay Brows, LLC, a company that delivers youthful looks to women in the most natural way.

Kierra Pershall got the motivation to build Wavy Baby Brows LLC from seeing the number of women who get put down and talked down to for a wide range of reasons, not excluding their looks. The ombre powder brow specialist built her company to cater to women who do not wear makeup so they can achieve natural looks and look good. “Wavy Baby Brows LLC thrives on the ability to offer a natural look for women who normally never wear makeup. I like to deliver custom services depending on each client’s request. The one look fits all is saturated. It’s time to give these Wavy Baby Babes what they want,” Kierra said.

Wavy Baby Brows, LLC aims to capture women looking for a youthful and makeup-free look. Over the last two months, Kierra’s natural gift of running a business has shone through Wavy Baby Brows LLC’s growth. Even though she does not have much experience running a business, she has set herself apart in the entrepreneurship world. She can also pivot from one service to another depending on what the client wants. Clients who do not want the ombre powder application but rather a more natural look can avail any of the business’s other services.

There is so much in store that Kierra Pershall has planned for Wavy Baby Brows LLC, and they all border around women empowerment, beautification, and instilling confidence. She hopes to create a “Wavy Baby Babes” community where the members can be themselves without fear of judgment. Wavy Baby Brows LLC is her way of conquering everything that has put her down while also racing towards her goal in business, which is to become a powerhouse in the beauty industry.

In five years, Kierra sees Wavy Baby Brows, LLC operating a full-fledged salon with creative minds handling many of the services the company offers. “The ultimate goal is to spread love through confidence building and mood-boosting aesthetics,” Kierra affirmed.

The journey has, without a doubt, come with various challenges which Kierra has learned many lessons and acquired real-life entrepreneurship skills. As she continues to grow, expand, and build her business, she hopes to show aspiring entrepreneurs what it looks like to start from scratch. “No dream is too big if you really want to make it happen. Wavy Baby Brows, LLC was once an idea. I did not have everything figured out when I started, but today, I’m glad I got on the journey,” she said.

Learn more about Wavy Baby Brows, LLC on its official Instagram page.



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