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Volume Digital: Logan Simmons and Zach Conley On Music Digital Marketing

There are several metrics for measuring the success of a music artist; producing unique and captivating songs is only one of them. And while that’s the most popular factor artists are judged with, and considering how daunting and challenging it is for many talented artists to create a great song and get it to the ears of the right audience. However, it is refreshing to see the duo of Logan Simmons and Zach Conley teaming up to create Volume Digital to ensure that music singles and albums perform exceptionally well in this ever-dynamic and cutthroat music industry. 

Logan Simmons and Zach Conley are American entrepreneurs, artist managers, and marketing moguls. They are recognized in the music marketing industry for their expertise in social media and influencer marketing. Over the years, Logan and Zach have worked with some of the most prominent enterprise brands, record labels, artists, and more. Equalling their reputation is the unrivaled success of Volume Digital.

Volume Digital is a full-service marketing agency that offers artists marketing services that help project their artistry to an audience through digital marketing tactics. Volume Digital takes pride in the fact that it is one of the few music service companies in the industry that serves independent artists, record labels, and many other groups and individuals to reach their goals through music marketing. Operating on “release-support based services,” they are saddled with the responsibility of promoting new music released until it gains the right momentum to succeed. In addition, the company also helps artists and record labels develop digitally and essentially scaling their digital presence and footprint. 

Describing the core ideology on which Volume Digital is built, Logan Simmons stressed that the company is a reseller and digital marketing company like any other out there, but what stands Volume Digital apart is that it provides its services through an internally assembled team of competent and experienced Music marketing professionals; thereby giving clients direct access to the source of the services rendered instead of facing the stress of inflated pricing. By far an efficient, goal-oriented, and essentially digitally-driven company committed to bringing quality and unparalleled results while easing their clients of any stress.

Logan Simmons is a music enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur whose entrepreneurial journey began when he was 15 years old. He recalled traveling the country with his uncle while making antique toy sales. Describing the toy sales business as the foundational training, he had on sales and marketing, which eventually led him to venture fully into entrepreneurship. On the other hand, Zach Conley began his career in business at 21 when he started working directly with some major record labels as a digital marketing expert saddled with the responsibility of helping artists develop a digital footprint. Zach’s job description at the time was to use social media to the advantage of the artist, share their music and create an organic buzz until he met Logan in 2017 and founded Digital Volume a little while afterward. 

Logan and Zach acknowledge the difficulties inherent in starting a digital business and attribute their entrepreneurship experiences as one of the factors that helped them scale Volume Digital to the enviable heights it currently is at the moment within a few years. They also seemed to have cracked the audience and reached problems, “We have great accessibility to reach mass audiences and a customer base compared to any generation before us,” Logan summed.
Call them the dream team if you want, but to keep up with Logan Simmons, follow his Instagram page and Zach Conley via https://Instagram.com/zc2/

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