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VizAeras Provides a Viable Solution to Improved Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Healthier Building Conditions in a Post Pandemic World

The onset of the global pandemic threw the world off ground and shook the lives of millions. Panic arose when news outlets started reporting that COVID-19 was an airborne virus, prompting global leaders to put cities under lockdown to keep it from spreading. While most people feared for the quality of the outdoor air where masses would gather, many overlooked the quality of indoor air. 

VizAeras, a company that was built for the sole purpose of creating countermeasures for monitoring indoor environmental quality conditions or “IEQ”, recently launched a campaign on StartEngine. The campaign was utilized to fund an IEQ product that could bring transparency, awareness, and access to healthy building conditions. By creating such a product, VizAeras can play an active role in creating safer, healthier, and more productive spaces for those who occupy them. Recently, the company won the “Best IoT Indoor Air Quality Monitor” award at the annual IMPACT 21 digital marketing conference.

“Because we spend 90% of our time indoors and take about 20,000 breaths per day, what we breathe really matters,” said Carl Tautenhahn, co-founder and CEO of VizAeras. “But most schools, parents, and employers don’t realize how critical it is to measure indoor pollution levels as it truly affects our health, well-being, personal productivity, test scores, and even business profits.”

VizAeras (translating to “Visual Air”) utilized a patent-pending platform technology with state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities that allow people to “visualize” healthy building conditions before entering a property. The brand strives to help society by identifying and measuring harmful indoor pollution levels.

Dubbing their product indôr, VizAeras takes a unique approach to monitoring IEQ, giving business operators access to not only monitor, track, and share healthy building condition access with occupants but also respond to potentially harmful indoor conditions in real time, keeping loved ones, employees, students, and customers safe, productive, and healthy. 

The spread of the airborne virus last year created a pressing issue that prompted California governor Gavin Newsom to sign a law requiring indoor air quality monitors to measure Co2 levels in every classroom across the state. Since then, more states have considered passing similar ordinances across the country. Over the next few years, indôr will be playing a pivotal role in helping buildings meet the monitoring requirements and address unhealthy building conditions in real time. 

Currently, there is no other indoor air quality or IEQ device in the market that allows for simple remote monitoring and quick-scan QR code access for commercial buildings. Indôr provides the necessary tools to easily detect dangerous pollutants and take action to remedy before occupants fall ill and become less productive.

“There has never been a greater need for the ability to easily monitor, access, share, compare, and promote healthy indoor environments for our homes, classrooms, and commercial buildings from any device in real time,” said Carl Tautenhahn.

Without an end in sight for the global pandemic, VizAeras hopes to create a significant impact on indoor air quality. Carl Tautenhahn and the company foresees VizAeras becoming important standard products in every home, classroom, and business. While Google mapped “The Great Outdoors”, VizAeras intends to map and track IEQ conditions for “The Great Indoors” where we live, work, learn, heal, pray, and play.  

More information about VizAeras can be found on its website here. You can also watch this YouTube video to learn more about the indôr product and support the brand’s crowdfunding efforts at StartEngine.

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