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April 18, 2024

Virtual Assistant April Ross Mixes Passion and Skills in Leading People Towards Success

A business venture’s success depends mainly on two major things: the network of experts behind it or the leader at the forefront. One cannot function effectively in the absence of the other. As for April Ross, being an entrepreneur has led her to many successes in life. April’s success in the field didn’t happen overnight. Starting her first position as a Virtual Assistant in 2009, she has since become one of the most sought-after Virtual Assistants/ Digital Business Manager who has empowered several hopefuls and aspirants.

Growing up in Battle Ground, Washington, April finds comfort staying outdoors and loves the idea of being an explorer. At an early age, April has already been exposed to the world of entrepreneurship since her father owned a few businesses during her childhood. In Vancouver, April’s father owned Clark County Towing and Dollars Corner Auto Wrecking (among a few others). These businesses are no longer in operation as of writing. 

The years April spent witnessing her father’s entrepreneurial ventures provided her the life experiences she needed to develop a steadfast work ethic and a strong determination and will to pursue her aspirations in life. Learning to work at the young age of 13 doing bookkeeping for her fathers company and working in a restaurant  made April wiser. 

Years passed by, April felt the urge to explore more in life. She has tried on different ventures to find where she truly excels. This urge led April to spend most of her adult years in Portland, Oregon where she explored many different positions such as: Receptionist, Operations Manager, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Project Manager, Escrow Assistant, Escrow Officer, Payroll Assistant, Bookkeeper, and many more. 

April learned her lessons, circumstances happened, and she grew in every aspect of her being. These life circumstances lead April to continue her path in Portland, Oregon. It is a place where she spends most of her tranquil and serene days. After getting divorced and being homeless and at times jobless and ending up with another Corporate Company, April ended up with so many realizations after the fact. A few of those realizations are continuing her education, with getting her MBA to further expand and use that knowledge to help other women toward their goals, and her own. Regarding her education, she is working towards a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Certification followed by getting her Master Degree in Business (MBA). 

April Ross started another journey. She started as a Virtual Assistant and worked her way to a Digital Business Manager for online entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and female-led start-ups. April’s kick start in the field is overwhelming and fulfilling. She finally found where she belongs. 

In a separate interview, April stated that “I am here to support, empower and free you so that you and your business can grow and prosper while you can enjoy the more profitable and rewarding tasks in the process.” 

April’s tasks are not limited to what her clients/students want. She must develop bold strategies, quick solutions, and effective time management. Her ability to absorb information and lessons quickly is what separates her from her competitors. However, April always finds herself detaching from the competition. Instead, she wants to divert her focus on empowering individuals to succeed. She wants to be remembered as the woman who helps someone achieve their aspirations in life.

Being a teacher and an effective coach, April Ross has touched several lives and has inspired hopefuls to act on their dreams. Her step-by-step guide and one-on-one coaching are indeed life-changing for many dreamers around the world. Years from now, April sees herself launching her own agency while continuing to fuel her passion.

Learn more about April Ross by visiting her on Instagram or check out her LinkedIn profile. You may also visit her official website. Interested in her agency? Visit it here

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