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Upcoming Artist Fros-T Claims the Spotlight in Portland’s Hip-Hop Scene

Originally from Oregon City, Oregon, Fros-T now takes the Portland music scene by storm with his talent. Although the artist only took his music seriously last year, he proves that he is here today, dropping captivating tracks and continually working with other artists and professionals to stay on top of his game. 

Fros-T generated quite the buzz for his single entitled “Don’t Go To Sleep,” which has been wildly selected as music lovers’ favorite summer anthem for its vibrancy. Critics were quick to notice that the single embodies the artist’s creativity and versatility when it comes to making music. Fros-T ensures that his personality gets to shine through his lyrics and rhythm, and that is exactly what he’s doing.

Beyond beats, Fros-T is known for diving deeper into topics that are not ordinarily discussed by other rappers in the game. He discusses his experiences, triumphs, and pain, providing audiences with a window to discover who he really is. Because of his authenticity, music lovers get to relate to Fros-T at a whole new level.

Portland, Oregon, is not primarily known for rap or hip-hop music. But as Fros-T takes center stage in the spotlight, the artist proves that there is potential to make Portland one of the best cities for hip-hop not only in the country but across the globe. There are currently only a few acts emerging from the city, making it possible for Fros-T to become one of the pioneer legends in the landscape. In addition, the growing population in Portland also presents bigger opportunities for a rising artist to shine. 

Fros-T brings a unique vibe and West Coast feels to his music, providing a fresh perspective to the otherwise punk and alternative music-dominated landscape of Portland. The artist does his best in portraying his subconscious as well as his past while effectively communicating where he wants to go in the music industry. The result leads to an incredibly personal experience for listeners. As the young artist blossoms to his true self, many have been captivated by his authenticity and undeniable skills.

“My music is the type you just vibe to,” shared Fros-T. He said that he ensures to throw in a hook when releasing his tracks to ensure that his music gets as catchy as possible. Fros-T is dedicated to presenting his art in the best way possible and aims to present something fresh to the audience every single time.

Fros-T dropped “Don’t Go To Sleep” back in 2020, and he has been improving his art since then. With many more surprises up his sleeves, the artist is continually creating music meant to stand the test of time. His single is currently making waves across major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

Fros-T hopes that he has done enough to impact his community and continually place Portland on the map of rap and hip-hop music. Without a doubt, through his artistry and his story, the rapper will indeed fulfill his mission and will become a lasting legacy. 

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