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Top-paying Restaurant Jobs in Portland, Oregon

In a city as bustling as Portland, Oregon there are fewer jobs as widespread as restaurant jobs. Restaurants are always going to need staff as long as there are people who want to eat at restaurants, whether they’re planning on eating at home or with other people. Additionally, there are a wide variety of restaurant jobs out there, including everything from waiting tables to cooking food to managing the business itself. Restaurant jobs in Portland are widespread and the industry is expected to grow in the coming years.

If you’re interested in working in a restaurant, you probably already know that you’re good with people, good at cooking, or good at managing other people, depending on the job that you’re angling for. The specific job that you’re planning to get may actively look at your skills, qualifications, and experience, and it’s important that you update your resume so that they’re looking at the most recent information regarding your skills and history. Construct your resume with a resume builder so that it’s easy to personalize the resume to every individual restaurant job you apply to.

The application process for a restaurant job in Portland doesn’t have to be difficult. Before you start, here’s some salary information about the best-paying jobs in Portland for restaurant workers.

Top-paying Restaurant Jobs To Consider

The top-paying jobs at any given restaurant tend to be those that aren’t directly on the floor. However, because servers typically make tips, servers can make quite a bit of money as well. Here are a few of the restaurant jobs that you might want to take in Portland, Oregon:

  • Restaurant server: $12,000-$36,000
  • Line cook: $20,000-$40,000
  • Head chef: $65,000-$92,000
  • Restaurant manager: $37,000-$96,000

Salaries in the restaurant industry can vary significantly, as it’s extremely common for different restaurants to have different needs when it comes to paying their employees. A high-end restaurant will also usually pay its employees more than a fast-food restaurant or restaurant chain. Additionally, some jobs may require more education and experience than others. A line cook typically doesn’t need to have professional culinary education, while a head chef typically will.

Additionally, many jobs are generally related to restaurants but may not require you to be in the building every day. These jobs may be helpful if you’re interested in the restaurant industry, but you aren’t interested in working directly at a restaurant. Here are a few examples:

  • Food & beverage director: $69,000-$140,000
  • Marketing director: $55,000-$160,000
  • Graphic designer: $46,000-$74,000
  • Strategic marketing consultant: $48,000-$94,000

These individuals can all use their skills in unique ways to create a better user experience for people who come to the restaurant. It’s important to remember that a restaurant is made up of many different individuals working together, and even if you’re not serving food, you may still be a critically important part of the restaurant’s success.

Applying for the Job You Deserve

If you’ve decided to apply for a specific restaurant job, the first step should be to look through the job description and take note of any requirements. If you’re planning to come in as a server, there likely won’t be any requirements. Servers are typically entry-level jobs, and the most that a company might request will typically be that you have your food handler’s license. Only apply to jobs you’re qualified for so that you cut down on unnecessary work.

The skills that you’ve spent years developing deserve compensation that makes sense. You deserve payment for your qualifications, and these salaries can be very high when you’ve been working for a long time. Use these pointers to negotiate your salary when you finally get the job offer and the hiring manager asks you what your ideal salary is.

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