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June 14, 2024

10 Jewelry Shops in Portland

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Locating a jewelry store, and more so the right jewelry store for one’s tastes, can be an unnerving task. Particularly when the jewelry is being sought for a special occasion, like engagement rings or wedding rings, it becomes even more essential to find a trusted store that can render excellent service and, of course, offer the best quality in their collection.

Thus, to help with such an endeavor, Portland News presents a list of the top 10 Jewelry Shops in Portland, Oregon. While it is in no way an exhaustive list, the shops included here ticks all the boxes when it comes to excellent history, positive customer reviews, 4- or 5-star ratings, cost, trust, and superb service. In essence, regardless of the requirements, these stores are time-proven to attend to every need, giving the best information and offering the most stunning pieces.

  1. Grayling Jewelry

Grayling Jewelry is a renowned establishment in the Portland area with a wide range of stunning and delicate jewelry collections. Grayling is beloved by celebrities and the locals; it is unofficially referred to as a paradise for jewelry lovers. Since its establishment in 2009, its mission has been to reintroduce magic into jewelry boxes. From cocktail rings to gemstone pendants, earrings, and layered bracelets, every piece is meticulously and affectionately designed and handmade on site. The store’s services include bridal consultations, personal styling, and custom jewelry design. In line with Grayling’s dedication to its customers, all its pieces are nickel-free and safe for sensitive skin, and the jeweler offers complimentary gift-wrapping on all purchases.

Website: www.graylingjewelry.com 

  1. Ari Diamonds

Ari Diamonds has served clients with custom jewelry in Portland for 25 years. With highly refined expertise from four generations of illustrious jewelers, Ari Diamonds provides custom-designed pieces, excellent customer service with the strictest confidentiality, and upholds the highest standards in Jewelry machinery and technology. The family-oriented store makes necklaces, bracelets, and handcrafted rings, utilizing only gemstones and metals from ethically minded suppliers—working with platinum, palladium, 14K and 18K yellow gold, white and rose gold and silver. Ari Diamonds’ services include custom wedding jewelry creations, repairs, and appraisals. Additional services include buying and selling gemstones and gold pieces and providing computer renderings to customers before fashioning their dream pieces.

Website: www.ari-diamonds.com  

  1. Marx Jewelers

Marx Jewelers is one of the oldest and most refined jewelry stores in Portland. Originally called Dan Marx Jewelers, it has long been serving the Portland area, dating back to 1888. The years have done nothing to dim the Jeweler’s sparkling reputation. Marx Jewelers boasts arguably the most delicate jewelry collection in the city. It showcases an exquisite collection designed and created in-house with the reliable and outstanding service that has always been its trademark. Marx Jewelers specialize in engagement and wedding rings, custom-made designs, precious gems, as well as ideal and exotic cut diamonds. In addition, the store offers GIA certified gemstones directly imported from Israel, Russia, and Belgium. With a perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship, Marx furnishes an unequaled exhibition.

Website:  www.marxjewelers.com 

  1. Malka Diamonds and Jewelry

This jewelry store is run by David and Ronnie Malka and has been operating in the Portland area for over a decade. David has spent over 13 years advising customers on carat, clarity, cut, and color of diamonds. Malka is a full-service boutique-style storefront founded on precision craftsmanship and exceptional service. The trademark of their service is their collaborative, low-pressure approach with each customer making them one of the top go-to stores for jewelry in the area. It offers repairs and custom designs, resizing, appraisals, and GIA certified grading. The jewelers also buy gold, gems, and vintage jewelry. Currently, Malka Diamonds and Jewelry has both Zegnani and Vatche designer collections and additionally possesses an exquisite catalog of vintage jewelry with timeless designs. 

Website: www.malkadiamonds.com  

  1. Kassab Jewelers

Kassab Jewelers have been at the forefront of creating exquisite personal ornaments for three decades. The store offers a wide range of certified loose diamonds and delightfully intricate pieces from a comprehensive selection of world-class designers, including Tacori, Verragio, MaeVona, Kirk kara, Vanna K, and Gelin Abaci. In addition, the store specializes in engagement and wedding rings, with dedicated staff on hand to assist each customer. Over the years, Kassab Jewelers has consistently won the hearts of its customers with their inbuilt tradition of an outstanding and personalized service, also offering lifetime warranties and upgrades. As a result, Kassab Jewelers distinguishes itself as one of the most magnificent jewelers in Portland and the surrounding area. 

Website: www.kassabjewelers.com 

  1. Packouz Jewelers

Packouz Jewelers is an establishment that is entrenched in history. For over a century, Packouz Jewelers has been dependably providing the Portland area with countless custom-made pieces of the highest quality accompanied by stellar service. The store offers an extensive list of services, including custom design to engraving, and link repair for watches. In addition, the jewelry is famous for its shimmering collection of bracelets, rings, watches and bridal-themed ornaments. Established in 1917, Packouz Jewelers was and continues to be a family-owned business dedicated to sharing their extensive jewelry knowledge—a tradition that is unlikely to change. It welcomes everyone to a showroom of pearls, Swiss watches, diamonds, and several stunning new designer pieces, earning its place as one of the best jewelry stores around.

Website: www.packouzjewelers.com 

  1. ABC Jewelry

ABC Jewelry is a family-owned store that has been running in the Portland area for more than 30 years. The jeweler has exquisite collections of the highest quality gems and renders free inspection and cleaning service for all diamond rings. While ABC Jewelry seems predominantly focused on rings, it also has a glittering ensemble of earrings and bracelets, including 14K White Gold Byblos Diamond Bracelets and 925 Silver Color Solitaire Drop Garnet Earrings. In addition, the jewelry store is known for its excellent customer service with a personalized and meticulous selection process, collaborating with each client to create unique and extraordinary designs easily, making it one of the best jewelry shopping experiences in Portland.

Website: www.abcjewelry.net 

  1. Alchemy Jewelry

The Alchemy Jewelry is another spectacular shop with over 30 years in jewelry craft. On display in the showroom is a collection of local and international designs crafted via a blend of classical techniques and contemporary technology. Alchemy Jewelry offers everything from engagement rings to wedding bands, ornamental rings, jewelry repair and restoration, together with a comprehensive list of designers on its website. Additionally, the store handles all custom crafting on-site, eliminating any possible shipping delays or damages. The jeweler’s gem experts and metalsmiths provide excellent insight throughout the selection or customization process, coupled with precision and care. It makes Alchemy Jewelry one of the top jewelry stores in the city.

Website: www.alchemyjeweler.com 

  1. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is an exquisite jewelry store that has been serving Portland and the Northwest for the better part of two centuries, displaying an array of timeless and innovative designs created by precision and expert craftsmanship. The store handles everything from jewelry resizing, cleaning, polish and repair to battery replacements, resizing, and maintenance for watches. Additionally, the jeweler provides free shipping for orders placed within the United States. Tiffany & Co. possesses a substantial collection of beautiful watches, ornamental rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. Additionally, the store allows for the return of unused items within 30 days to show its commitment to the customer’s satisfaction.

Website: www.tiffany.com/jewelry-stores/portland-pioneer-place 

  1. Abbot & Rinehart Jewelers

Abbot & Rinehart Jewelers has been a jewelry staple in the downtown Portland area. Established over 40 years ago, it has earned its reputation, many times over, as one of the best jewelry stores in the city. Abbot & Rinehart boasts the most extensive collection of custom men’s jewelry and impeccable customer service, fostering great relationships with each client. The store offers wholesale diamonds and collateralized loans on jewelry in addition to competitive buying prices. However, the most distinguishing aspect about Abbot & Rinehart is their custom designs – working with clients to sketch and fashion dream pieces with fidelity and excellent craftsmanship. Abbot & Rinehart Jewelers specialize in all kinds of jewelry, from engagement rings to elegant watches and bracelets.

Website: www.arjl.com

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