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The Power of Women in the Business World

Women are dominating the world of business as per the State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, four out of each 10 businesses are owned by women. Believe it or not, women started about 1,821 new businesses daily between 2017 and 2018. These days, they employ 9.2 million people or 8 percent of the entire private workforce.

Besides, the report revealed that almost all women own service-based businesses in fields like hair care, pet care, and skincare. A number of them specialize in healthcare and national assistance, providing child daycare and residential healthcare services. Professional services like bookkeeping, legal, promotional material and accounting are widely seen in women-owned businesses moreover. 

Traits of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

If you think about the successful women entrepreneurs we’ve discussed moreover because of the many others that exist, you’ll find that they share the subsequent traits.

Greater Control

There’s no denying that the gender pay gap continues to be a difficulty. Women who own their own business can charge with their worth and may avoid the gap. they’ll also choose who they work with and which projects they tackle.


Successful women know what they need and work for it. You’ll never find them daydreaming because they’re focused on taking actions to assist turn them into realities.


When it involves taking care of youngsters or senior parents, women are often the first caregivers. By owning their own business, they will balance their family needs with work. They find that working a standard 8 to five job makes it difficult for them to satisfy all of their responsibilities.

Positive Outlooks

Positive business owners are more likely to succeed than pessimistic people. an honest attitude, even when times are tough, can steer toward them toward the proper path.


You’ll rarely find a female entrepreneur who began business in an industry she doesn’t enjoy. Most of them are obsessed with the products and services they provide further as their customers.


Successful businesswomen are confident. They believe themselves and never second guess what they’re doing. You’ll notice that they speak magisterially and are happy with who they’re and where they’re going.


Female entrepreneurs wear many hats, especially when they’re just stars. people who are organized are more likely to be more productive and reap the advantages of their efforts. They know the way to search out peace within the midst of the chaos.


Women business owners are successful thanks to the diligence they’ve put into their ventures. They know they can’t depend upon luck to grow their businesses. Instead, they’re going the additional mile to realize their goals.


Creativity goes a protracted way when it involves owning a business. Women who achieve business understand how to think out-of-the-box. They create a singular product or offer a one-of-a-kind service that pulls customers.

There are countless samples of successful women-owned businesses.  You’ll find one in precisely every industry and geographic region. Here are some examples:


Based in Florida, SD3IT may be a cybersecurity consulting company that helps the U.S. government and commercial clients solve various business issues through technology.

The organization offers numerous services, including IT Transition, Advanced Threat Analysis and Mitigation, and marketing research for network or cybersecurity needs. They’re HUBZone certified and strive to support organizations with government guidelines and strategic business advantages.

SD3IT was founded in 2014 by husband and wife, Sara and David Dimlich. Throughout the years, they’ve hired a sturdy team of PMP project managers, solution architects, customer service representatives, and lots of others. Their team uses equipment from Mitel, HP, Great Bay, and other vendors to develop custom solutions that make life easier for his or her clients.

Sara is extremely happy with SD3IT’s fast growth. However, what gets her excited is that the support her business gave to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma and Maria. They donated generators and extra supplies to those in need. Giving back are some things she’s addicted to, and being a female entrepreneur allows her to try and do just that.

Skinny Dipped

Seattle-based Skinny Dipped makes bags of chocolate dipped almonds. it had been started in 2013 by CEO Breezy Griffith and her mother, Val. The mother-daughter team began making snacks in their apartment kitchen for fun and sold them at the local farmers’ markets.

Since then, the corporate has grown into an operation with over 21 employees. Today, Skinny Dipped may be found online and at numerous retailers including Kroger, Sprouts, and Target.

Skinny Dipped Almonds are minimally processed, gluten-free, and PPO free. to form them, Breezy skinny-dips whole almonds into a skinny layer of bittersweet chocolate and finishes them with raspberry, espresso, or cocoa. Breezy and her team taste-test every batch to confirm the nuts are roasted to the letter and topped with the perfect amount of chocolate.

Breezy explains that one amongst the explanations Skinny Dipped has been so successful is because she hired the proper those who are obsessed with the merchandise. She’s fostered a collaborative environment where everyone’s ideas are heard. Her team consists of the many women who she is either associated with or friends with and he or she enjoys working with those she knows and loves.

It is now known that women are dominating the corporate world. Women empowerment is on the lead, let it be. 

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