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Sierra Coleman Ministries Brings an Authentic Approach to God’s Work

Responding to tGod’scall to bring a life-changing impact into people’s lives through the ministry is a fulfilling task. Yet, many times people have shunned the church and all forms of Christian ministry because of the facade religious people put up to appear “holier than thou.” Sierra Coleman Ministries takes a different approach by embracing the unfiltered and authentic in their teachings and work.

“We welcome all people,” shares founder Sierra Coleman. “Anyone with an ear to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. We want to reach the young, the old, the tall, and the short. Anyone willing to give God a try is open to receive all that we offer.” In modern times, churches have felt a more significant divide with the younger generations as more millennials start leaving organized religion. One of the main reasons is the lack of honesty and vulnerability in the church, resulting in superficial relationships and false identities. 

Embracing the reality of the challenges the church faces today, Sierra Coleman Ministries hopes to break the cycle by embracing change and welcoming flaws in one swoop breath. The ministry uses an upside-down approach to ministering, training, delivering, and teaching people from all backgrounds to serve God, live life more abundantly, and experience the best that the Lord has in store for everyone.

At the center of the ministry’s work is an authentic approach to the Gospel, showing people the truth of the good news with a raw and uncut voice. It balances speaking truth with love while also understanding where people are in life. Apart from speaking life, Sierra hopes to listen to people’s struggles and fears. In the last two years, the ministry has grown tremendously, helping many people experience breakthroughs in their finances, identity, health, and spiritual life.

Another vital role that the ministry plays in the body of Christ is its prophetic anointing. Using spiritual gifts, Sierra Coleman and her team seek to bless others through edification and encouragement by moving in the prophetic to release supernatural signs and wonders that will bring change and transformation in people’s lives. “We have had a countless amount of testimonials from people who’ve had breakthroughs in every area of their lives,” shares Sierra.

More than anyone, Sierra knows what it’s like to be weighed down by past failures and mistakes. It was her fallout that would motivate her to persevere and seek God’s grace, promising God that she would dedicate her life to serving Him and His people if the Father would deliver her from her many battles. After seeing the faithful hand of the Lord move in her circumstance, she would turn to a life dedicated to building up the saints and helping others come to know the saving knowledge found in Jesus Christ.

Today, Sierra Coleman Ministries serves the more significant population, welcoming anyone and everyone regardless of background, ethnicity, culture, or beliefs. In recent times, the ministry has built a studio and will soon be launching a ministry-run talk show that will teach people how to overcome oppression and trials. 

Sierra hopes to share to all a message of hope, inviting all to come to Christ amidst the world’s weariness and burdens and believing that anyone can and will find refuge in a relationship with God. To learn more about Sierra Coleman Ministries, visit its Facebook page and Instagram account.

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