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Sharon Champagne Terry Set to Shine as a TV Series Creator

Proving to be multi-layered is one of the most challenging things to achieve because there is usually no room for mediocrity. Realizing this aspect of herself early enough set the tone for Sharon Champagne Terry’s career trajectory and the ventures she has thrown herself into. Sharon Terry is a proven author, screenwriter, motivational speaker, model, actress, executive producer, and all-around entrepreneur. She runs a publishing company known as Champagne Books that has published a wide range of content and materials to the public.

Sharon Champagne Terry’s latest work is writing the pilot for a TV series titled The Goddess, scheduled to air on MJOWN Network on Roku this fall. Her brilliance as a writer has always shown through her many works, such as the urban fiction release titled The Goddess of Lust, Love & Infatuation Part 1, as well as Blissful Lust Part 2, Anthologies: Dark Memories, and The Crossover. She has received the Ricoawards Author of the Year Awards nomination twice and a 2019 nomination for the Top Female Author at the Author Academy Awards. Through Champagne Books, Sharon offers screenwriting classes to teach people everything they need to know about screenwriting. She also works as a screenwriting trainer at Coach John Screenwriting Academy.

As an actress, she has some acting credits, including playing Vanessa in a comedy titled I’ll Drink to That by Unc Trent. She also played a role in the film Living the Dream and a web series.

Outside writing, she has represented many brands as a plus-sized model and shown how much value she offers as a personality brand. She featured in fashion shows like The Night of Elegance and The Summit in New York. “It took exploring all my abilities to have my light bulb moment and realize that I am the brand; the brand is me,” she said. In addition to her modeling gigs, Sharon Champagne Terry built a presence in the media by featuring in numerous interviews and shows like The Authors Show, The DJ Gatsby Show, Face the Reality Radio, Vibration Radio, The Beautiful Butterfly Radio program, On the Rise Radio, Highly Unique Radio, WXIR 100.9, Good Deeds Radio, African Online Broadcasting, Big Body Broadcasting, HOT914, The Situation Room, and TPN Live. Some of the notable media personalities she has worked with include Nikki Rich, Seleah Simone, and many others.  

Sharon’s goal is to rise to the top of the film industry while showcasing her creative side in every area of her life. She also wants the world to hear her story and draw inspiration from a modern woman who’s well-versed in multiple domains. She built her brand to leave behind a legacy that other young women, screenwriters, authors and models can benefit from. “What we leave behind after we are all gone determines what we will be remembered by,” she said. “The generations coming behind need all the headstart they can get, and the work of providing them with that starts with us today,” she added.

Learn more about Sharon Champagne Terry on her official Instagram page or Champagne Books’ official website.

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