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Sezgin Mangjuka Is Helping Brands And Entrepreneurs To Enhance Their Online Visibility And Reputation

Sezgin Mangjuka is offering his skill and expertise to promote businesses of virtually all types of his clients. The ace digital marketer, Sezgin Mangjuka, the Founder and CEO of Pixatronix, has now emerged as a key figure in the field of digital marketing in Kosovo.

This has made him occupy a prominent place in the realm of trade and commerce as a large number of entrepreneurs have been immensely benefitted by his digital marketing model and active help from Pixatronix.

Sezgin Mangjuka adopted a scientific need-based digital model to promote the businesses in such a way that they clocked organic growth in their sales thus achieving growth. His role has been acknowledged particularly for helping companies to convert sales inquiries into qualified leads.  

Sezgin Mangjuka’s company Pixatronix pushes the digital dimension of different sales platforms. This in turn widened their digital presence and made them friendly with future customers. In fact, Pixatronix made this possible by building the brand image of its products and services.

The constant digital presence of such companies created a positive impression on the viewers, making them major commercial entities.

Sezgin Mangjuka ensured the presence of products and services offered by different sales platforms in almost all social media platforms.

This brought such companies and their products and services to thousands of social media users.  

Sezgin Mangjuka: The Influencer  

One of Kosovo’s most known marketing influencers, Sezgin Mangjuka has successfully emerged as a mentor for entrepreneurs. He not only carves out spaces for them digitally within Kosovo but also crosses the national boundaries to make them famous for their services and products globally.   

Pixatronix, thus, is helping them grow their business not only in Kosovo but in other countries also. Pixatronix, a full-service marketing company, puts them into a strong strategic position through their digital presence to boost their sales.  

The clientele portfolio of Pixatronix is quite diverse. Even some celebrities and well-known people belonging to different walks of life consider it as one of the most trustworthy and dependable companies for promotion.

Sezgin Mangjuka, himself, is fast gaining popularity with 30,000 people following him on Instagram.

Sezgin Mangjuka understands image-building very well. He had been in the public relations industry for a long time. He has wanted to learn it since childhood. He is a self-made man. Besides, he has also seen ups and downs in his own life.

To explain this, he failed in Class 10 and repeated his failure in Class 12. But such failures did not unnerve him. As he had no money yet he wanted to launch his own venture. He borrowed some funds from his father and as they say, the rest is history.

At that time, he was just 17. He struggled since that time to emerge successful in his trade. He is a first-generation entrepreneur. After achieving what he wanted, he now helps other young entrepreneurs in Kosovo.  

Digital Marketing Mantra of Sezgin Mangjuka

Sezgin Mangjuka suggests all to be honest and sincere to clients while serving them. He constantly works to ensure that their presence in the digital sphere is maintained 24×7 so that a wide section of social media users can notice them.

He adopts a realistic approach to project companies and their products and services. He applies the need-based approach to bring them closer to the niche buyers thus brightening their chances of getting more trade inquiries, which can be converted into actual sales.

His motto is clients first: service them realistically and grow their businesses through digital platforms. This has made him a mentor to hundreds of business owners in Kosovo.

In 2016, he launched Pixatronix. His company could gain recognition within a short period due to his motto of clients first. Today, Pixatronix has come to be known in Kosovo as one of the most dependable digital marketing companies in the country.

Sezgin Mangjuka’s 5 Golden Rules for success

Self Confidence: Sezgin Mangjuka says this is a must to absorb failures and re-emerge as successful. He experienced it. That is why he moots self-confidence as the first step for success.  

SWOT Analysis: This helps a business promoter to understand his or her actual position in the market. The promoter must realize his shortcomings and advantages of others in a given market space. He or she, subsequently, can work out the sales strategy accordingly.  

Identify Competitors: Without this, success in business cannot be achieved. In fact, a sales platform can create the marketing strategy only after knowing the competitor and realizing their strong and weak points.  

Create Brand Value: The brand value is very important for success and it can be created with judicious application of the social media platforms. The image of a particular company, its products and services has to be projected realistically on a regular basis.  

Need for Marketing Experts: The expert of the marketing domain knows what is what and how to project a company. Such an expert knows which strategy should be adopted for a particular brand, service, or commodity as per their nature.  


If these Golden Rules are followed, they can push the growth curve of a company up. Since every human activity has rules, there is no wonder that business too would have a set of such rules for success. These 5 Golden Rules happens to be developed by the ace digital marketer Sezgin Mangjuka and hence, cannot fail.   

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