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Saving Lives with Drones: Hazardous Conditions Can Be Accessed with Ease

ZenaDrone 1000, an industrial smart drone, is now helping save lives. Search-and-rescue missions in disaster areas, as well as mountainous or other hazardous terrain, often require crews to put themselves at risk. However, this unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can go places that would be difficult to reach — or even too dangerous for human personnel — thereby presenting a valuable and potentially life-saving tool.

ZenaDrone 1000 is a product of ZenaTech, a technology solution provider based in Canada specializing in drone development, augmented reality, and tracking solutions. While the company initially developed the ZenaDrone 1000 for agricultural purposes, it is customizable to customer specifications.

“The ZenaDrone team is always innovating, improving, testing, and enhancing our technology to incorporate new functionality,” said Dr. Shaun Passley, who founded ZenaTech in 2018. “Now, we are excited to provide our cutting-edge tech, machine-learning software, and excellent customer service to search-and-rescue teams.”

ZenaDrone 1000’s Life-Saving Sensors and Cameras

Detecting body heat can help locate missing or trapped persons with a minimal delay. Equipped with thermal scanners and multispectral sensors, the ZenaDrone 1000 can penetrate darkness, rubble, and debris to find life signs even in the most challenging disaster areas.

“The ZenaDrone 1000’s sensors are so powerful, it can pick up small children and animals,” Passley said.

In addition, the UAV has a camera equipped with a wide-angle lens that can broadcast high-definition 4k video and photos to rescue teams in real time. This key data enables teams to survey the area of concern quickly, identify threats and opportunities, map out evacuation routes, and make appropriate decisions about how to proceed.

According to the company’s website, “ZenaDrone 1000 also offers multispectral sensors to register wind velocity, humidity, weather, and climate prediction. It can also detect possible aftershocks after an earthquake and tsunamis. This way, the rescuers can inform people to vacate critical areas and be alert within and near areas.”

ZenaDrone 1000’s Other Life-Saving Features

Time is the most pressing issue in any search-and-rescue effort, sometimes making the difference between life and death. The ZenaDrone 1000’s light carbon-fiber body makes it quick and easy to mobilize, thus reducing the amount of time it takes search-and-rescue teams to initiate their operations. According to Passley, it can be assembled in as little as twenty minutes and launched in less than ten.

Since search-and-rescue missions often take place in constricted places, ZenaDrone 1000 can be inserted in tight quarters, both taking off and landing vertically. Its eight propellers — called its “OctoCopra” feature — can hover steadily, delivering stable and reliable images even under high wind or other adverse weather conditions.

When lives are on the line, the last thing a responder wants is to run out of power. Thankfully, the ZenaDrone 1000’s built-in battery provides operators with an hour of uninterrupted flight time. When the UAV does need to charge, its monitoring technology enables it to identify and land on a wireless charging pad automatically.

How to Obtain a ZenaDrone 1000

“Communities will be safer for having a ZenaDrone 1000 ready to assist with search-and-rescue efforts,” Passley said.

As Passley explains, ZenaDrone currently offers free demos on its website, and customers are able to not only buy these UAVs, but also rent them. To ensure their clients’ success, ZenaDrone engineers can help customers record their desired images and successfully store the resulting files.

Whether the threat be hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, or wars, the ZenaDrone 1000 is a trusted ally that can save precious time and, as a result, lives. These UAVs can make the difference between success and failure, even when the stakes are highest.

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