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Rosco P Set to Stamp a Strong Presence in the Music Industry with the Release of His EP D.R.U.G’s

Years after bursting into the music scene with his undeniable talents, Rosco P, born Marcus Duane Jones, is set to make a more profound mark with his upcoming EP, D.R.U.G’s, an acronym for “Dear Rager’s Ur Gods.” The EP, scheduled for release on July 12, 2021, is a five-track collection of songs produced entirely by Pianogotkeys. D.R.UG’s is Rosco P’s way of showcasing his vocal range and versatility across music sounds and vibes.

“I believe true “Ragers” will enjoy these songs as they portray a different side of me compared to what they have seen on previous projects I’ve released,” he said.

Rosco P is an independent artist looking to get his name out there and land himself a recording deal with a major record label. The Lansing, Michigan-born artist has worked with talented producers like Big Emm, Kaz Drumatik and most recently, PianogotKeys, who produced all the songs on D.R.U.G’s He has featured on radio stations like Power Columbus 107.5 and The Beat 106.3. His goal is to achieve massive success in the entertainment industry, either as a signed artist or independent artist.

Aiming for success, some of Rosco P’s favorite quotes include “Rage on,” “Heavy is the crown a leader wears,” and “By any means,” which are all pointers to how much work he is ready to put into his blossoming music career. The work is evident in his upcoming body of work, D.R.U.G’s, which features Lil Jairmy, one of the rising stars in Houston, Texas, signed to 4PF. Other artists he has worked with include Molly Brazy, Baby’s World, Loudiene, Loso Loaded, Kodie Shane, Waka Flocka, Big Sean, and A$AP Rocky. He’s open to working with a wide variety of artists in the industry and, hopefully, will go on tour with a major established act within a year.

His music influence is drawn majorly from his uncle, who was a professional jazz musician back in the days. Rosco P chose hip-hop music, and over the years, he has honed his music writing and delivery skills and cultivated his sound based on influence from new school artists like The Weekend and Travis Scott.  He has been on tour with Kodie Shawn, where he blended perfectly with other talented artists and would like to get on the road again after the release of his EP.

D.R.U.G’s is Rosco P’s way of shedding the spotlight on his music and himself. Describing his artistry, “My showmanship level is beyond where I should be. I’ve put in countless hours of studying show footage of talented artists, dissecting how they move across the stage, and analyzing every aspect of crowd engagement displayed. I reverse-engineered the music process, in my own opinion. Most upcoming artists don’t have very many large shows until obtaining a certain stature, but I did, and it pushed me to learn how to perform and entertain,” he said.

With professionalism being his biggest selling point after his talent, Rosco P sees the sky as the beginning. He plans to establish a record label someday to uplift younger artists in his community, work with bigger brands in the fashion industry and become a notable influence for every young person who enjoys listening to music. His vision for his career is clear, and he has taken the first step with the scheduled announcement of D.R.U.G’s the EP, counting on the support of his loyal fans, the Ragers.

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