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Renowned Life Coach Carmelo Rodriguez Vows to Help Others After Fighting for His Own Life

Life is a series of struggles. Each and every one of us has suffered through circumstances and obstacles that are sometimes too daunting for us to handle alone. Humans have a knack for persevering through life’s biggest challenges, but oftentimes it takes so much out of us that willpower alone isn’t enough. Certified life coach and motivational speaker Carmelo Rodriguez has taken it upon himself to help his clients take back their lives when it becomes all too difficult.

The renowned life coach is a definitive authority when it comes to helping people get back on track as he has firsthand experience in dealing with the impossible. After surviving a combat tour in Iraq, Carmelo Rodriguez returned home to find that a government glitch within the Veteran Affairs (VA) had declared him dead.

Carmelo’s ordeal lasted for a grueling two years, constantly trying to prove that he was alive was more difficult than one would think. It turned out to be a literal fight for his life, and it became one of the hardest things that he had ever done. “It was harder than the grit of combat and harder than the deprivation of my own childhood,” exclaimed Carmelo.

He was up against a swarm of faceless entities that were determined to declare him dead. Every day Carmelo Rodriguez would be forced to reaffirm his own life, and the constant battle rekindled a burning desire within him to seize every moment. Nowadays, Carmelo Rodriguez helps other individuals who have gotten the short end of the stick for far too long. He helps those that have been cast aside and forced to fend for themselves in this cruel world.

Carmelo has an extensive background in the military, law enforcement, and crisis intervention which qualifies him to direct the action that people must take to live their lives to the fullest. The esteemed life coach is known for effectively analyzing the mindset and lifestyle goals required to live a fulfilling life. He then supplies the necessary knowledge and promotes awareness of self-destructive actions so that his clients can create a specific action plan and attain a sense of focus and motivation.

“For those who feel that the life they want is beyond their grasp, stop just existing and fight for your life,” expressed Carmelo. The world-renowned motivational speaker is also the author of six books that allows his readers to take back control of their lives and live to their full potential. Carmelo Rodriguez doesn’t just help individuals who are at the “11th hour” of their lives. He aims to help mostly those that are at the edge at what is often called the “12th hour.”

“Being declared dead by the government was the 12th hour for me. After all, I was supposedly dead,” said Carmelo. “The 12th hour requires a miracle, so my audience is made up of those people who find themselves in hopeless situations,” he added. It turns out that Carmelo isn’t just the only one who’s had this specific problem happen to him. Statistics say that over 4,000 veterans have been wrongfully declared dead by the VA. Carmelo’s situation was exacerbated by the IRS and Social Security Administration agreeing with the declaration.

After learning about this unfortunate fact, Carmelo Rodriguez vowed to help other people with their problems as the burden is often difficult to carry alone. In the near future, he envisions traveling all over the world and speaking full-time with an administrative and deployment team to support him. “Most situations that one might consider to be hopeless is an actual gift in disguise. Sometimes within the hopeless situation, the gifts of resilience and abundance house themselves. Fighting for your life means pushing through your hopeless situation until resilience and abundance reveal themselves,” said Carmelo eloquently.

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