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May 28, 2024

Remi Sabbah Boosting Women’s Confidence through Revolutionary and Inspiring Fits

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The female form is deeply rooted in fashion, and fashion has been a way of expression for centuries. In the world, as it is today, fashion trends have created a new generation of fashion-conscious women, and numerous fashion labels have risen to meet the never-ending fashion needs of the modern woman. Remi Sabbah by Remi Sabbah is one of those fashion labels making a difference in the lives of 21st-century women.

The Remi Sabbah brand was built on creating timeless ready-to-wear collections for women to help them strike a balance between their independence and femininity. Pieces from the brand glorify the female figure through styles inspired by fashion trends from decades and centuries ago. Remi Sabbah’s signature fabrics, superior tailoring, flattering silhouettes and empowering forms are some of the brand’s known characteristics. Every Remi Sabbah piece cuts across countries, cultures, tribes, and continents as the brand operates with one goal- satisfying modern-day women’s fashion needs.

Established in 3011 in Cyprus, Remi Sabbah is a brand created out of personal values, story, experiences and journey. The founder, Remi Sabbah, talks about the brand as one that is intertwined with her life’s journey, and she’s willing to see through until it becomes a powerful brand to reckon with in the world. Remi’s early exposure to the fashion world when her father designed displays for the biggest fashion houses in Lebanon ignited her love for fashion. Before she decided what she wanted to do for herself, fashion was already a way of life for her, and after her journalism study, she delved fully into that world.

Remi Sabbah attended Milan Fashion School, where she worked with Angelo Russica, former head of Design for Gianni Versace. She continued her studies in ESMOD Paris and eventually moved to Cyprus, where she created Remi Sabbah, a fashion brand under her own name. 

“Remi Sabbah, as a brand, understands women’s need to feel unique and empowered through their fashion choices, which we incorporate into ready-to-wear pieces to suit every occasion. Through a choice of prints, bold silhouettes, and high-quality fabrics, our timeless collections seek to inspire women to express their femininity, creativity, and individuality,” Remi explained.

Remi believes strongly in how much fashion plays in how a woman feels, carries herself, and her brand is playing a role in influencing that feeling. With diversity as a core theme, the Remi Sabbah brand is specially created for women who aren’t afraid to pursue their dreams and goals while exuding the modernness of today’s world. The Remi Sabbah woman is a global citizen and conscious of the world around her,” Remi said.

Remi Sabbah sees her brand growing into a successful brand with a loyal community of representatives worldwide. She hopes to be a changemaker responsible for influencing women to lead fuller and more meaningful lives. “The brand is young and has a lot of potentials. When we look at how far we have come and how long we have to go, my level of optimism rises because it can only get better. Every season comes with a better understanding across the board, and I am constantly reminded of what I’m doing and why. These help my brand improve and grow,” she said.

Learn more about Remi Sabbah on the official website.

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