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June 18, 2024

REAP Inc. Continues to Mold Visionary Leaders Through Its Roster of Revolutionary Programs

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Great leaders are not born; they are made. Guided by this philosophy, REAP Inc. enters its 21st year, shaping young leaders to fit into the molds of success. 

This year, this trailblazing institution has recently finished its Young Entrepreneurs Program. Last December 10, 2022, REAP USA held its 2022 Young Entrepreneurs Program Showcase, celebrating the newest cohort of YEP students who finished the ten-month program. The incredible roster of young leaders has now launched their own businesses, proving the program’s potency in transforming its vision into action.

The Young Entrepreneurs Program was established in 2019 with the goal of harnessing the potential of middle and high school students. It offers a curriculum that enables the youth to explore and achieve entrepreneurial victories and assists them in carving a success-enabling path of their own. Through this initiative, REAP aims to serve as a launching pad for young aspiring go-getters across the globe.

Since its inception, REAP has been dedicating itself to establishing programs that create leaders who are not only bright and brilliant but also resilient. In this day and age, where industries have grown more fierce, it has become inevitable for aspiring visionaries to become highly adaptable to change. For this reason, REAP offers a wide variety of programs and services, such as YEP, that empower students to become changemakers of tomorrow.

Aside from the Young Entrepreneurs Program, REAP has also created an opportunity for its students by enabling them to participate in the 20th Annual Oregon Leadership Summit. It was held last December 12, 2022, at the Oregon Convention Center. The summit brought together leaders from various industries to address issues that are vital to Oregon’s economy. On a mission to unleash the potential of young hopefuls across the state, REAP is co-hosting the Third Annual Oregon Students United Summit. Anyone who is interested may join the summit this January 10, 2023, via Zoom by registering here.

Pounding the pavement with its desire to continue molding great leaders, REAP has recently decided to focus more on school communities, with many families experiencing challenging economic circumstances. According to this REAP, children should never be faced with hardships that limit them from discovering and unleashing their true potential. After all, they are the future, making it society’s priority to equip them with the much-needed tools to transcend limitations and go beyond.

“Youth are the future of our society. So much of how the world will turn out is in their hands. However, countless children are born into underprivileged communities, which prevents them from reaching their true potential. The world is often unfair, but that doesn’t always mean there aren’t ways to ensure a young person’s success. REAP Inc. has dedicated itself to becoming the beacon of light for youth from underprivileged communities,” its website wrote.

As REAP Inc. continues to transform its vision into action, it seeks to witness a drastic rise in the number of change-making leaders in the years to come. Through this, it wishes to see a society filled with young visionaries whose passion strongly leans towards making the world a better place.


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