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May 27, 2024

Punk Rock to Chant: Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power the Band “Hare Hare Dance”

Punk Rock to Chant: Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power the Band “Hare Hare Dance”
Photo: Ananda Xenia Shakti

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Ananda Xenia Shakti and Love Power the Band’s latest single “Hare Hare Dance” is a vibrant and spirited adaptation of ancient Krishna chants into a modern dance anthem. The track, recorded during the effervescent atmosphere of Krishna’s birthday celebrations in Vrindavan, infuses traditional spiritual lyrics with the infectious energy of contemporary dance music. Shakti, transitioning from punk rock’s raw edge to the serene realms of devotional music, brings an invigorating passion to the song, evident in her enthusiastic vocal delivery.

The lyrics of “Hare Hare Dance” are deeply repetitive, which is characteristic of traditional chants meant to induce a meditative state or trance. Here, this repetition is used to build a rhythmic groove that is both hypnotic and uplifting, aligning well with dance music’s goal to move bodies and spirits. Pankaj Saakhi’s keyboard work provides a lush, vibrant backdrop, layering modern synths with more traditional sounds, crafting a bridge between old and new.

The song’s strength lies in its ability to transform a sacred chant into a celebration that’s accessible and enjoyable in a secular, joyous context. The energy described by Shakti during the recording—marked by ease and joy—is palpable throughout the track. The interactive nature of Love Power the Band’s performances, as noted, promises an even more immersive experience live, potentially turning each show into a collective ritual of music and unity.

While the song might not offer the complexity or lyrical depth that some might seek, it succeeds wonderfully as a cultural fusion that invites listeners to dance and revel in a shared human joy. It’s a reminder of music’s power to transcend boundaries and act as a medium for both personal and collective ecstasy.

As a recommendation for those interested in exploring further into the realm of spiritually infused music that crosses into popular territories, check out the album *Temple of Shadows* by Krishna Das. This lesser-known gem offers a profound blend of traditional Indian chants and Western musical influences.

After establishing herself as the frontwoman of an all-girl band within the vibrant punk scene, Ananda’s journey took her on a whirlwind tour alongside iconic acts like the Clash, while also lending her vocal talents to the studio and live performances of Blondie. However, amidst the chaos of the music industry, Ananda found solace and purpose in the ancient teachings of yoga, triggering a profound shift in her life’s trajectory.

Embracing the principles of mindfulness and self-discovery, Ananda redirected her boundless energy and artistic fervor towards a new musical endeavor, Love Power The Band. This transformative phase birthed a fusion of music and spirituality, culminating in concerts that transcended mere entertainment. In the realm of Love Power The Band’s performances, audiences didn’t merely spectate but became active participants, seamlessly blending with the musicians to co-create an immersive journey of sound and unity.

Their live shows became more than just musical performances; they evolved into communal experiences where barriers between performer and observer dissolved, leaving behind a collective sense of connection and togetherness. Ananda’s evolution from punk provocateur to spiritual muse not only reshaped her own artistic expression but also redefined the very essence of live music, infusing it with a transformative power that resonated far beyond the confines of the stage.


Published By: Aize Perez

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