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Promising Private Banker Richard Ojuri Rises to the Top of the Finance Industry

The finance and banking sector is perhaps one of the most competitive and cutthroat industries there is. However, one impressive individual has risen through the ranks and has achieved an impressive amount of success in this field: Richard “Ojay” Ojuri.

Despite being raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, the young professional is proud of his heritage as a full-blooded Nigerian. This spring, he completed his degree in Business Management Information Systems from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. 

Not long after, he started working in the corporate world, where he quickly noticed a lack of graduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Out of all his colleagues, Richard Ojuri was the only one who comes from an HBCU. 

The statistics show that Black people account for only 18.9% of workers in the banking industry. This percentage is dramatically halved to 9.2% at the professional level and diminishes even further into 6.9% at the middle level.

This realization led him to take on a meaningful goal: paving the way and opening the doors to fellow HBCU graduates who wish to create successful careers in finance and banking. It may seem like a tall order, but the visionary proves that he is up to the task. 

Richard Ojuri is not one who shies away from a challenging scenario. And on top of that, he has strong relationship skills and extensive knowledge that allow him to excel in the field and fulfill his advocacy of helping others. 

Together with his cousin Michael, the innovative individual is currently starting a foundation to give back to the African American community and educate them that there are other career options available for them aside from the sports and entertainment industries. 

As a child, he looked up to intellectuals such as Brian Nwannunu, Olufemfem, and J Stew, all of whom helped encourage him to get into his chosen field, which ultimately shaped his career path. He hopes to impart these learnings to other people by building his brand, most especially the youth.

Additionally, he plans to organize events at local colleges to help guide students on their career paths and introduce them to mentors who can lead them the right way. 

When he is not busy creating his brand and scaling his career, the upcoming private banker is also a radio host on Ablazin Radio in Beltsville, Maryland.

When it comes to his professional career, Richard Ojuri has a clear objective. He wants to become part of an elite group of Black professionals in the finance sector at the executive or senior level. Only 2.6% of the population in the industry can achieve this position which is why the ambitious banker is already planning on completing his master’s degree. 

In the foreseeable future, the goal-oriented professional sees himself becoming a highly successful executive and a client relationship master in the private banking sector. But more importantly, he aims to accomplish his plan of inspiring a new generation of bankers who will shape the future of the industry. Learn more about Richard Ojuri by visiting his Instagram account.

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