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Pixar-Disney’s latest “Luca”: A Story of Adventure, Friendship and Acceptance

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Pixar-Disney’s latest film, “Luca,” is a coming-of-age fantasy story set in the picture-perfect sleepy seaside town, Portorosso, a small town along the Italian Riviera. Directed by Enrico Casarosa, Luca is a profoundly emotional and entertaining story about love, friendship and acceptance. The movie is based on two young sea monsters, Luca and Alberto, on their first adventure to a human town along the Italian Riviera. When dry and on land, their monster scales disappear, and they become human boys, albeit all contact with water must be avoided.

The main protagonist, Luca, is a young sea monster who lives in the depths of the sea with his parents and grandmother. As a young sea monster, he would often daydream about going to the surface fascinated by motorboats gliding on the water, but the stern warning of his mother about how humans will react in fear and reach for their pitchfork if they saw his true form kept him in check.

While still daydreaming about the surface, Luca makes a new friend, a fearless, even reckless sea monster named Alberto. Compared to shy, hesitant and introverted Luca, Alberto is never afraid to try new things and steals objects from passing boats. One day, Luca was dragged by his new friend to the coast of an abandoned island. Here, dry on land, Alberto teaches Luca the basics of human life such as walking, gravity and the all-powerful Vespa. This scooter can take a person anywhere, according to Alberto. Determined to have the almighty Vespa, their ticket out of a life of oppression and fear, the two boys set to work.

After some failed attempts to make a Vespa from scratch, the two adventurers ventured into Porto Rosso to get the real thing. Hiding their identities while trying to fit into the human lifestyles, the youngsters meet a human girl named Guilia, who becomes their friend. An adventurer with a penchant for getting into trouble, Guilia ropes the boys into engaging in the town’s annual triathlon competition — biking, swimming and pasta-eating. If they participate and win, the triathlon will win them money, which, in turn, can be used to buy the Vespa.

While “Luca” is a visually stunning, well-told story with great attention to details, the movie does not live up to the standard or have the emotional wallop present in some of the studio’s earlier masterpieces such as “Inside Out,” “Wall-E,” or “Soul,” and “Finding Nemo.” However, it is still miles ahead of the toxic entertainment geared towards kids these days.

In many ways, “Luca” is about the fleeting nature of youth and the importance of nostalgia. Although the imagery is not skin deep, the clear blue skies, vividly blue water, sun-soaked town, paved streets with a stunning landscape reassert the town of  Portorosso as a summer paradise. A nostalgic reminder of Italian vacations and a subtle reminder to get that vaccine.

“Luca” is a true delight, a family summer movie that will make you feel warm, fuzzy and affirming interspecies friendship in all its forms.

To learn more about the nostalgic and heartwarming film, visit Pixar’s website.



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