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Munchiez Cannabis: A New Cannabis Dispensary Reshaping Global Perception of Cannabis

The conversation around cannabis and its benefit is ongoing while numerous debates exist on its legalization globally. Similarly, many cannabis businesses have sprung up and created empires in the space. A new company set to introduce new models and strategies to the cannabis space is Munchiez Cannabis, founded by serial entrepreneur, Al Adebo

Munchiez Cannabis focuses on producing premium cannabis products and delivering them through exceptional customer experience. The company takes immense pride in its high-quality products and makes sure that its customers receive the best service so that the products can become well-known in the cannabis space. “We strongly believe that if we take care of our customers, they will, in turn, take care of us,” the official website stated.

Located in New Mexico, and operating from a 4,000-sq-ft space, Munchiez Cannabis aims to eliminate the stigma associated with cannabis by setting an example of professionalism, exceptional services and quality products. The company aims to achieve this by creating a safe space to purchase medicinal and recreational cannabis. It serves everyone, and its diverse knowledgeable team continues to work daily to ensure that customers get nothing but the best.

Munchies Cannabis’s excellence mirrors its founder’s commitment to excellence over the years and his achievements in the business world. Alalaye Adebo aka Al Adebo has always prided himself as a doer who goes for the kill everywhere he sees a chance. The Lagos, Nigeria-born entrepreneur moved to the United States in 2013 on an academic scholarship. He got a degree in Applied Mathematics and chose to apply his knowledge to the business world. He launched a few businesses, such as an ATM business and an e-commerce business but didn’t achieve much success. He launched his first Cannabis business, Herbtech Kiosk while running his ATM business and gained all the necessary exposure to the cannabis business. He attended numerous trade shows and connected deeply to the cannabis industry before launching Munchiez Cannabis Dispensary in 2022.

Over the last few months, Munchiez Cannabis Dispensary has operated on others’ blueprint. “I have seen over 500 dispensaries from my previous endeavors. I saw a lot of grand openings and grand closings. I saw what the winners did compared to what the others did. The results validated what I needed to know – put the customer first, and the sky’s the limit. It’s simple but not easy, and we’re taking it day by day,” Al Adebo said. To further ensure that it’s customers feel valued, Munchiez Cannabis has announced plans to create a loyalty program to reward its loyal customers. “For every purchase, each member of the Munchiez club will acquire points. As your points accumulate, they add up to great rewards, and you’ll receive exclusive member-only benefits and offers,” founder Alalaye Adebo explained.

In a few years, Al Adebo sees Munchiez becoming the biggest and best dispensary in the State of New Mexico and other states. His goal is to set high standards for cannabis dispensaries in the country while ensuring quality products for its customers.

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