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Med-X Begins Positioning of Their Flagship Nature-Cide Product to the World Stage

The leaders of the free world announced in 2015 that they would be taking comprehensive measures to combat climate change. These measures included reducing carbon emissions, reforesting depleting rainforests, and making a concerted effort to change how humans interact with mother nature. In 2022, we will see governments and companies working together to create a clean and healthy world through a larger introduction of electric cars and the revolutionization of solar power, bringing us one step closer to slowing climate change.

Any corporation which feels others should pick up the slack, while they stay the course, will undoubtedly feel the wrath of carbon taxes imposed by governments around the world in the future. The global pandemic in particular has increased public awareness of many RNA viruses while also demonstrating the impact that the general population has on the environment. With the significant reduction in global industrial logistics and transportation, many species of wildlife are seemingly seeing a resurgence in certain areas of the world. Nevertheless, not all species are good for the environment, and one particular species is known for spreading more disease than any other species or subspecies combined. People of all ages have known for centuries that mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases such as Dengue, Zika Virus and even Malaria, and these diseases have risen in parallel with the global pandemic, creating a perfect storm of sickness.

Mosquitoes have spread around the world mainly due to the activities of mankind. It is believed that they live in water-filled containers, such as tires or cut flowers, and that they can be transported by sea, vehicles, trains, and airplanes. The transmission of a mosquito-borne disease from human to human can be very rapid, causing significant outbreaks. Unlike many insects, mosquitoes certainly do not respect national boundaries.

Pest control is an ongoing battle, but at what cost? Pesticides are usually laced with deadly chemicals that are equally harmful to the environment as they are to the insects they hope to control. Med-X, Inc is a green alternative solution that is seemingly a unicorn hailing from southern California, and it is at the forefront of both pest control and “green eco-friendly,”  all-natural ingredients which have been shown to outperform chemical alternatives in numerous independent studies. As part of the results of the study with the Journal of the Florida Mosquito Control Association, Nature-Cide’s all-natural pesticide formula made up of active ingredients such as clove oil and cottonseed oil, outperformed some of the leading pesticide products being used for mosquito control around the United States. One takeaway from this study is that the most effective chemical solutions for mosquito control used for this purpose have restrictions that limit the application of these chemicals to every 20 to 30 days between applications due to environmental impact. With the Nature-Cide product there are no application restrictions, so the product can be applied daily until the problem is solved in any particular area.

Brazilian, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Thai mosquitoes have the greatest populations.  There are more endemic species in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil.  Most mosquito-borne diseases, however, occur in Africa, South America, and Asia. Med-X has been developing strong empirical evidence for botanical barrier insecticides for the past 8 years, but it has had limited capitalization to bring the product to world markets that would benefit greatly from it. That has all changed 6-months ago when Med-X, Inc. announced a $100 million capital commitment from GEM Global Yield, LLC SCS (GGY), a Luxembourg-based private alternative investment group.

“GEM’s equity investment solidifies our business model as well as our long-term financial goals while reinforcing and furthering our mission to the world stage with registrations being staged in Africa, Mexico, and parts of Asia as well as positioning in the U.K and E.U.,” states founder and CEO Matthew Mills. “So far, we’ve been very successful with self-underwriting our Regulation Offering, which has generated investments from almost 4,000 individual investors over the last 6 years. This new $100MM capital commitment should allow the Company to propel the brands in a manner where our mission of “Making a difference every day” will move to a whole new level,” states Mills.

As we navigated through the gauntlet which was the 2020 and 2021 years, it is good to see a company that is putting forth a solution that will have great human impact, while staying true to the green pledged initiatives of innovating while keeping focus on other consequences beyond the profitability of one particular company or individual. 

To learn more about Med-X, Inc. visit its corporate website at www.medx-rx.com.

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