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Matthew Whiteman and MW Entertainment LLC Aims for a Home Run in Mobile Game Industry With ‘Knuckle Mania’

The love for mobile games has produced a massive, billion-dollar industry worldwide and is projected to achieve even more growth over the next five years. On a mission to make an impact in the landscape is Matthew Whiteman of MW Entertainemnt LLC.

MW Entertainment LLC is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business built by a disabled combat veteran and visionary entrepreneur injured during Operation Enduring Freedom from 2011 to 2012. Matthew spent ten years in the US Air Force, followed by six years in the US Army. He began his career in service after attending Air Force ROTC at San Diego State University. After being medically retired from active service in the US Army in November 2014, he wanted to build a platform that showcased his love for American culture and baseball. Today, Matthew and his team strive to capture players in the mobile game entertainment sphere and deliver a never-before-seen take on digital baseball gaming with Knuckle Mania, a hybrid baseball game currently at the culmination of back-end app development. It should finish Beta testing by November 2022. 

A year after his time with the US Army, Matthew attempted to build a career as a professional screenwriter, working on stories for television shows and feature films while simultaneously attending film school for 18 months at Palomar College in San Diego. Since then, he has written 22 episodes for a TV series about professional baseball, one short film, and two feature films. He also gained recognition as his TV series San Diego Glory gained attention from Unity Motion Pictures. This was a huge achievement for his career, even though the work never reached a pre-production contract. 

Shifting his focus at the height of the pandemic, Matthew built MW Entertainment LLC and decided to focus on the realm of mobile video gaming entertainment. Since its founding in March 2020, the company has taken many projects under its wing, including four mobile video games, such as Knuckle Mania. MW Entertainment LLC has also secured a partnership with Red Apple Technologies from Kolkata, India, and Tatum Games LLC from Santa Clarita, CA, to work on amazing projects together, set to make them a force in the mobile game development, design and creative industry. 

“My brand is that of the all-American kid, the American flag, baseball, and apple pie. In fact, the majority of the game designs fall under a baseball-related number model: three, seven, nine, 14, and 27,” Matthew shared. “The solution is a fun, intuitive hybrid baseball game that removes the cognitive load and focuses on enjoyment for the player. Our initial offering, Knuckle Mania, has instant gameplay that is easy to use, focuses on the fun as players enjoy hitting and pitching, and finally, falls under the novel category of ‘snack-sized gaming.’ This type of entertainment is instantly playable but infinitely replayable,” the visionary added further. 

Furthermore, utilizing his experience as a screenwriter, Matthew aims to set the bar higher and develop the highest quality mobile games that are not only enjoyable but also take players through a story progression in the game. 

Above all, Matthew aims to be an inspiration for people like himself who bravely faced the field of combat despite the risks. “We hope to be an inspiration to other disabled veterans who are struggling to become an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of work, but in the end, if this venture were easy, everybody would be doing it,” he said.

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