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May 21, 2024

London-Based Philanthropist Gabriela Kirova Advocates for Bulgaria’s Recognition as a Top Priority Among World Leaders

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Gabriela Kirova is a Bulgarian-born philanthropist, political activist, and fashion designer who has selflessly committed her life’s work to pave a brighter path for her beloved homeland, Bulgaria. Through her non-profit organization, ‘More Women in Power,’ Gabriela strives to empower and inspire women to take charge of high-ranking positions and contribute to society’s equality.

From a young age, Gabriela has been ignited by a fervent desire for change. For her, the true gauge of success is not solely measured by one’s accomplishments but rather by the compassion and consideration one extends to others. With a background in Finance and Developing Smart Cities, Gabriela journeyed to London to further her studies in Business English. It was there that she began fashioning her own garments and eventually opened up her own fashion boutique, aptly named Gabriella&Wolf. Her brand embodied the contemporary notion of “The Beauty and the Beast,” in which the feminine figure is poised and refined while the masculine counterpart is accomplished and compassionate.

Gabriela Kirova

Gabriela’s heart beats for nothing but the betterment of her homeland, Bulgaria. Her unwavering dedication is evident through the time and resources she invests in uplifting the infrastructure of the country’s small villages, metamorphosing them into intelligent hubs. On top of that, Gabriela generously channels her efforts towards various philanthropic causes, such as bridging young entrepreneurs with investors and assisting Bulgarian orphanages.

In 2022, Gabriela teamed up with a friend to launch ‘More Women in Power,’ a project close to her heart. This initiative seeks to level the playing field for women in both politics and top-tier corporate roles. Gabriela firmly holds that gender equality is not just a basic human entitlement but a vital component of a world that’s harmonious, prosperous, and enduring.

Gabriela Kirova

Gabriela’s resounding message rings loud and clear: women are equally capable as men of spearheading change and leading society. By means of her organization, she aims to ignite the spark of inspiration in the hearts of Bulgarian women who are educated and young, urging them to take an active part in shaping the future of their nation and creating balance in society.

Gabriela’s story is a source of motivation for anyone envisioning leaving an imprint on the world. Her unrelenting commitment to forging a brighter tomorrow for Bulgaria and advocating for gender parity embodies the exact type of visionary guidance the world craves.


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