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July 25, 2024

Keith Ross Nelson: An Athlete, a Martial Artist, and an Acclaimed Stand-Up Comedian

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For many people, the phrase “never give up” might be just another motivational phrase, but it is a way of life for internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian Keith Ross Nelson. For over three decades, Keith Ross Nelson has been making people sprawl out in laughter in all fifty states in the United States, from comedy clubs to college events, cruise ships, and numerous live shows in places like Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Afghanistan, Guam, and many others to name a few. 

In his rib-cracking Jokes, Keith is known for making himself the butt of his jokes and making jokes about being a man of his age, an age belied by his young, calm, and hip demeanor on stage, with many young people between 25 and 30 being his biggest fans. 

As someone who exudes positivity and draws laughter from people effortlessly, Keith’s career in comedy has gotten him into many roles ranging from acting to writing, producing and directing films, television shows and events. His stand-up comedy had earned him roles in hit movies like The R.M, “Mobsters” and “Mormons.” He has also featured in shows like Hulu Comedy Shows Comedy Time and Comedy Express and starred in the 2018 television series “Not For Nothin” that he co-wrote and created. He has also been seen on Entertainment Tonight and Evening at the IMPROV. In 2005, he also emerged victorious at the Portland Comedy Competition.

Keith’s infectious sense of humor has endeared him to many people worldwide. His social media followers numbered upwards of 40,000 Instagram followers who all enjoy his content and style of comedy. Keith has snatched extensive media coverage and presence between his witty jokes and his easy sense of humor. He has been published in national publications like iHeart, L.A. Wire, All ThingsComedy, NY Weekly, Live Nation, etc.

Unknown to many, this connoisseur of comedy has many more skills besides cracking jokes. He is an accomplished Athlete, a silver medalist at the world’s high jump competition in 1998, and a three-time National Championships in Masters High Jump. In addition, he recently picked up martial arts and clinched a third-degree black belt in Kung Fu at 45. 

In an interview, Keith shared that he’d like people to embrace all sides of him. He said, “I’d love to be known as the guy who loves talking about growing old and is seen as funny.” He continued, “There are many sides to many people, and it will be nice to see them embracing all those sides proudly. I want people to see me and be spurred to pursue all their dreams and passion goals. I have done my best in athletics and comedy, and I feel fulfilled about doing my best in two areas I genuinely love.”

Ultimately, Keith Ross Nelson wants to continue putting laughter on people’s faces worldwide and help them temporarily forget their problems. He wants to feature in more hit movies and comedy theaters in the coming years and set the blueprint for other aspiring comedians.

To learn more about Keith Ross Nelson and his stand-up comedy, visit his official website (keithrossnelson.org) on Instagram (@Keithrossnelson).

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