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Jaime Manteiga: How He Grew His TapTok Technology Exponentially

When it comes to introducing something new in the tech industry, entrepreneur Jaime Manteiga makes sure that it is something that will greatly simplify the lives of users — simple, easy to navigate, and will benefit numerous people long-term. By making sure that his latest product, the TapTok card, possesses all these attributes, he has added fuel to the fire that boosted the exponential growth of his new venture. 

The 30-year-old founder of TapTok Inc. and Venkon Corp. recently launched the TapTok card, smart technology that gets rid of the traditional business cards. With the use of a simple card made of eco-friendly materials, the user simply needs to tap it on modern devices, and contact details are immediately transferred to the recipient. At a time when health protocols prohibit touching surfaces and items that may be contaminated with COVID-19, this touchless development by Jaime Manteiga is revolutionizing the way people do their business and build their network.

Unlike business cards that can no longer be revised once printed, the contents of a TapTok card can be easily changed by simply going to the dashboard and making the necessary revisions. Additionally, the card adds to one’s profile, allowing users to see how others are reacting to it. When it comes to water resistance, the TapTok card will beat the traditional business card any day, as this is one of Jaime Manteiga’s biggest objectives. 

Just in case the card is lost, there is no need for owners to worry about their details falling into the wrong hands. The TapTok card comes with a built-in bank-level security standard and includes a loss/stolen protection. This means that card owners can lock it anytime, and no one else will be able to access its contents. What is even more interesting is that while the TapTok card is essentially electronic by nature, it does not require any battery at all. With these impressive features available, it is no wonder why Jaime Manteiga and his team are consistently reaping the six-figure revenue the product is bringing in. 

Jaime Manteiga has lived up to what the industry expects from him: the best smart technology that makes things a lot easier. As a member of the International Forbes Technology Council and Young Entrepreneurs Council, his remarkable idea is leaving its mark in tech history. He stumbled upon the idea while he was reading the latest iOS updates in 2019. After realizing that Apple is no longer just using the NFC technology for wireless payments, he saw an opportunity to introduce a product that will change many things in the future. 

While Jaime Manteiga believes that educating people will take some time and will prove to be very challenging, it does not change the fact that there are already those who see its value at present and have decided to acquire a TapTok card. He looks forward to a day when all of the world recognizes the many benefits this technology offers. 

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