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June 18, 2024

Igniting Creativity: M. Teresa Lawrence’s Journey from Cuban Refugee to Fire Up Live’s Inspirational Speaker on The Leadership of Play

M. Teresa Lawrence
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Life’s grand adventure, as M. Teresa Lawrence sees it, is a playful quest for truth, creativity, and empowerment. From her earliest days as a Cuban refugee, to spending 20+ years as a lawyer, to her current role as a Creative Visionary at Henry Forest LLC, Teresa’s story is a tale of transformation and inspiration. This year, her adventure takes a new turn as she’s set to speak at the annual Fire Up Live business networking mastermind event in San Diego, California, sharing her insights and spreading her message of leadership, creativity, and play with a wider audience.

Growing up in New York after leaving Cuba at the tender age of three, Teresa’s refugee experience was marked by feelings of fear, displacement, and an ever-present sense of being “other.” But a magical gift from her grandmother, a simple doll, became a vessel for her stories, her emotions, and her creativity.

Through storytelling, Teresa learned to reimagine her journey. She became an accomplished lawyer, publisher, and educator, but never lost sight of the creative spirit instilled in her by her grandmother. She channeled this energy into her work at Henry Forest, a lifestyle brand based out of Daniel, Wyoming, that’s dedicated to creative freedom and embracing the spirit of playful adventure.

Teresa’s unique philosophy, “The Leadership of Play,” is at the heart of everything she does. It’s about living life outside the box, finding joy in simple acts of kindness, and believing in the power of imagination. It’s a philosophy that resonates with educated individuals who seek to make the world a better place and leave a legacy for future generations.

Her commitment to this philosophy extends to her efforts to support refugee children. Her book “GLORIOUSNESS” is a tool designed to help children process their feelings and write their own stories. Through words and creativity, she hopes to inspire them to choose their path, to know their trueness, and to find love from within.

While Teresa’s influence spreads through her brand and her book, her ideals also find a platform at special events, such as the annual Fire Up Live business networking mastermind event. This 3-day event in San Diego, California, featuring business workshops, live presentations, and celebrity guest speakers, offers a snapshot of Teresa’s vision in action.

Speaking at Fire Up Live, Teresa will share her insights on leadership, creativity, and play. Though only a part of her wider journey, the event is a celebration of everything she stands for. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and spread her message of hope, gratitude, and compassion.

Teresa Lawrence’s life is a vivid tapestry of adventure, imagination, and kindness. From the Covered Wagon in Wyoming, which serves as her office, to the speaking stage in San Diego, every thread tells a story of empowerment and creativity. Whether through her work at Henry Forest, her book for refugee children, or her speeches at events like Fire Up Live, Teresa’s whimsical, light-hearted approach to leadership and play is a beacon of inspiration.

Her wish is simple, yet profound: to see others embrace their true selves, to share their creativity with the world, and to join her on the grand adventure of life. It’s a wish that transcends events and products, reaching into the very heart of what it means to be human. Her story is an invitation to all, a call to rise together, to celebrate each other, and to create a world where true leadership exists in all of us.

To join Teresa at the Fire Up Live event, feel free to get your tickets here!

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