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How to Become a Roadr Specialist

Every driver has had that experience where their car breaks down on the side of the road and they need help urgently. Even if you subscribe to a roadside assistance service, such as AAA or through your insurance provider, it can often be a lengthy, frustrating process before a technician is dispatched to give you the assistance you need. Thankfully, the new app Roadr is here to disrupt the roadside assistance industry — and they need even more specialists to help them sustain their growth.

A revolutionary model for roadside assistance

Roadr is an innovative new roadside assistance service that matches drivers needing assistance with independent service providers. “With Roadr, drivers can get roadside assistance more quickly and see transparent pricing,” explains Roadr co-founder, Celso Ribeiro. “This is in contrast to the general subscription-based roadside assistance model, where drivers pay a hefty upfront fee for services they may or may not use and often end up waiting hours or more when they need help.”

To provide reliable service to drivers in a timely manner, the Roadr app relies on its network of Roadr specialists — highly qualified service providers who register through the free marketplace app to earn money. This is a fantastic business opportunity, especially for small businesses typically left in the dust by the roadside assistance industry. “Many traditional roadside assistance services focus on companies with large fleets of trucks and technicians, but the free marketplace structure of Roadr allows smaller service providers to thrive,” Ribeiro asserts.

Through Roadr, service providers can offer various roadside assistance services, including towing, tire changes, refueling, jumpstarts, unlocking, and electric vehicle emergency charging. Roadr users can input a detailed request into the app, at which point the service request is sent to the nearest qualified specialist. If the specialist accepts the job, they are dispatched to assist the client, and if they reject the job, the request is sent to the next closest specialist.

The simple process of becoming a Roadr specialist

Becoming a Roadr specialist is quite simple. Prospective service providers can download the Roadr app, provide their basic information, and verify their eligibility with the required documentation. To sign up, specialists will need copies of their driver’s license, proof of insurance, certification, and some basic screening information. After this information is received and verified by Roadr, they can get on their way to earning through providing free marketplace services.

Roadr accepts several certifications for specialists to verify their credentials as roadside assistance service providers. Tow truck drivers can provide their TTD and CA numbers from the DMV or any accredited certificate for towing; auto technicians provide an ASE certification; tire change specialists must have an ATS certification from TIS or equivalent, and automotive locksmiths must either have a CAL-or CMAL-level certification. Additionally, any automotive specialist can qualify through CHP and AAA certifications.

Compared to contracting through other roadside assistance services, becoming a Roadr specialist allows great freedom and flexibility. As Roadr specialists, service providers have much greater autonomy and can decide which jobs they accept or reject. They also have the freedom to set their own hours, meaning they can create their own work conditions and be much happier while working.

However, the biggest benefit of the Roadr system for specialists is its transparent, quick billing system. Clients know exactly what they are paying upfront, eliminating the need for negotiation. Seeing the upfront fee for service also allows specialists to better determine whether a particular job is worth their time. As a result, service providers can earn what they want, how they want, and when they want.

Roadr is set to revolutionize the roadside assistance industry, and the people who will allow them to do so are the specialists who will provide the assistance drivers need. It’s an easy process to become a Roadr specialist for qualified service providers, as well as an excellent opportunity for small businesses and independent technicians to earn money providing excellent and timely service to drivers in their time of need. The Roadr app is available for download now in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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