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How National Adhesive Makes It Easy for Clients to Find the Right Tools

Building or making something with one’s own hands can bring a level of satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. But of course, a person will need the right tools if they want to get their project right. National Adhesive brings sealant, adhesive, and tape solutions for anyone, whether they are professional contractors or craft hobbyists. With their extensive product range, customers are sure to find the tools they need to succeed.

National Adhesive has created a policy of putting its customers first. Because different projects require different tools, they have made it easy for customers to find the products they need. Their website provides an interactive platform that is filled with product information that is simple to understand. Professionals and hobbyists alike are bound to appreciate the wealth of information they can get from this company’s site. Their product guide provides answers, articles, technical data, how-to videos, and community-based groups. And if that is not enough to answer any customer’s questions, they can call and speak with someone who can help them.

Aside from providing top-quality and industry-standard adhesives, tapes, and sealants, National Adhesive has created a platform where people can come together to share knowledge, ideas, and tips regarding various projects. Building a community that brings together professionals, experts, and novices can give their customers confidence in themselves and in the project they are working on. 

National Adhesive first came to the North American market in 2019, after its successful debut at the 2019 AAPEX Trade Show. Soon after that event, the company capitalized on its success and established stateside operations, supply chains, and manufacturer representative groups. This company has thrived in America for three years, but it has been a pillar in the South African adhesive industry for 25 years.

The GlueDevil is the leading producer of caulks, sealants, and adhesives across Southern Africa. National Adhesive took this product line and rebranded it as GlueAngel for its release in the United States. 

Aside from GlueAngel, National Adhesive offers other product lines. They have Thicc, which provides industry-specific products that can be used for roofing and other construction projects. This company’s success and its knowledge-based approach to its consumers led to their appointment as the first-ever DuPont’s Great Stuff licensee. For over 40 years, Great Stuff has been the leading line of caulks, tapes, and sealants in the industry. For National Adhesive to be their first licensee means they put a great deal of trust in this company.

National Adhesive provides high-quality products for everyone, and they did not leave budget-conscious individuals behind. NA’s Eish product line is the way to go for individuals looking for top-notch adhesives that will not break the bank. Using the same high-quality ingredients, Eish cuts down on cost and brings products to consumers at a lower price point with a simple marketing campaign and reduced product size. Quality does not have to suffer in order to bring more affordable yet still top-quality products for their customers. 

National Adhesive understands its customers. Working on projects can be stressful, so they provide a streamlined way for them to find all the necessary adhesives they need. With the correct information to get the right tools, these people can finish their projects in no time.National Adhesive creates products for contractors and DIY enthusiasts. To learn more about this company and its products, you can check their website.

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