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Hip-Hop Artist Rich Regal Sets the Music Industry on Fire with High Energy Performances and an Undeniable Talent for Hip-Hop

Some people just have that natural allure to them, the kind of energy that captivates a room the minute they walk in, or the type of gravitas where an entire crowd of people can feel entranced by their performances on stage. There’s a certain term for that level of charisma, known as the X-factor—which is exactly the kind of charm that drips from the veins of award-winning hip-hop artist Rich Regal

Rich Regal is no stranger to success, and his career has been nothing short of breathtaking. Since as far back as 2012, the talented hip-hop artist has been a multi-award-winning rapper who managed to emerge in the country rap industry in 2018. He has perfected the art of branding and merchandising at a molecular level. His brand #WTMF also known as “White Trash Mofo!” combines the sheer artistry of DJ Boog (MoneyFace Boogie).

The moment Rich Regal hits the stage, crowds are in for an exhilarating performance filled to the brim with energy and adrenaline. The rising hip-hop star is known for tackling heavy issues such as depression, suicide, homelessness, addiction, and many more. As an award-winning tattoo artist in his own right, Rich Regal devotes a segment of his performances to tattoos. 

With lush and vibrant productions, the stage show at any Rich Regal event can captivate anyone from a mile away. Seamlessly harmonizing with Rich’s performance, DJ Boog nearly steals the show as he blesses the stage and kicks up the energy to eleven. Not to mention, Rich Regal is backed by a team of individuals who always makes the magic happen with their impeccable work ethic and relentless passion. 

Throughout his storied career, Rich Regal has collaborated with other talented artists such as JellyRoll, Yelawolf, City Chief, Big Murph, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Bone Crusher, The Lacs, Jawga Boys, Big Smo, Upchurch, Crucifix, Texas Hippie Coalition, to name a few. Rich has spent the past two years building up his team and portfolio to better focus on his career. 

Both his passions for tattooing and music have garnered Rich Regal many accolades over the years. The multi-faceted artist offers the full package as he brings a loyal audience to any event racking up ticket sales as he continues to elevate his craft further. Every Rich Regal performance is high-octane, as he thoroughly engages with the crowd in any way he can. 

It isn’t going to be a Rich Regal stage without props such as pyrotechnics, fog machines, and choreographed lighting. “I am the first artist to arrive and the last artist to leave. I am constantly working around the clock to create new avenues to bring something different at all times,” shared the talented performer.

When asked what motivated him to build his brand, Rich replied: “Building my own brand was not a choice that I had intended. I started out just making music for fun, then looking back on my upbringing. I was always told I would never be anything more than a White Trash Mofo. So I decided to stand up and put everyone persecuted for being as such on my shoulders.” 

Apart from his music and tattoo career, Rich Regal is also huge on family values, always taking time out to love the ones around him at every chance he gets.

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