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Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC Helping People Deal with their Debts through Legal Counsel and Information

Student loans have almost become a culture/rite of passage for the average college graduate in the United States. Statistics reveal that more than 42 million student loan debtors owe more than $1.59 trillion in debt. Recently, President Biden promised to offset some of these loans for disabled people, but that only takes a fraction of those numbers off. For many people, these student debts have taken a toll on many people’s finances, and while there are legal protections for them, many do not know about them. Thus, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC has taken it up to educate people about these loans so they can lead happy lives devoid of worry and panic.

Fitzgerald & Campbell is a law firm in California that defends clients dealing with different loan or debt problems. Its founding partners Gregory Fitzgerald and William Campbell, are both passionate about empowering their clients with information and legal services to help them overcome their loan crisis. Very recently, Greg Fitzgerald found it imperative to give a retort to a publication by a well-known finance firm. In the article, the firm implied that student loans are not subject to Statutes of Limitations, and Greg expressly disagrees with that stance. “These statements are simply preposterous. At best, they are extremely reckless. At worst, some may say intentionally deceiving. There are statutes of limitations on private student loans. Do not be deceived by a lender who makes huge profits (and puts their name on multi-billion-dollar stadiums) by refinancing your student loans and then asks you to believe you do not have one of the most fundamental, long-standing, and indisputable legal rights available to debtors,” Greg said.

Greg Fitzgerald takes the opportunity to reiterate the support and backing of his law firm to debtors who need help with fighting off their debts and the “sharks” that many lenders are. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC provides all the legal defense and advice that debtors need to keep up with their debts without feeling pressured until they are debt-free. With the amount of misinformation out there, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC believes in empowerment with the truth.

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC is all about every type of debt beyond student loans. The firm specializes in legal defense for different areas, including attorney fee debt, auto-related debt, bankruptcy, collection harassment, collective lawsuits, credit card debt, debt settlement, fraud or civil defense, judgments, medical debt, insurance company claims and lawsuits, and cash advance debt.

Greg is all about spreading the truth and ensuring that people in debt get their lives back on track without being derailed by unscrupulous creditors. Greg also implores law firms and financial institutions to disseminate accurate information to consumers as he believes that is the only way to make significant progress. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC has put the right strategies in place to help students lead worthwhile lives years after graduating from college.

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