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May 23, 2024

Eric Lomax Uplifting Others with Words and Deeds

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Tragedy is a thing that every human will experience at one point in their life or the other. Eric Lomax has gone through this with the loss of his wife in 2016 to colon cancer. She was only 32 years old, and it dealt Eric the biggest blow he has ever had to deal with in his entire life. Everything took a negative turn for him after that single event. He lost his home, soul mate, faith, and livelihood, and he almost lost himself to that tragedy. However, by some divine intervention, according to him, he survived and was able to get on the path to healing.

Since then, Eric Lomax has embarked on the journey of showing as many people as possible how much divine authority he has coursing through him. He tags himself as a “man under authority” and is enthusiastic about showing everyone a higher power that can help everyone live their best lives. His personal losses reshaped him in more ways than one, and his recovery inspired him to write a book titled, “From Grief to Glory: The Rise of the Centurion.”

Eric has drawn strength from his grief and has lived with the mantra, “loss is not the end, it is simply the beginning” for the past four years. His book chronicles how he coped with his loss and how he was able to trust in God again after losing so much. He admits to losing his faith in God at some point, but he continued to carry on until he triumphed. In his book, he talks about hope, strength, and courage. He emphasizes the importance of never giving up, and his slogan is, “It is never over until you are six feet under.”

Eric’s strength to be a motivator comes from his personal and professional experiences. Leading and inspiring people came naturally to him. And despite how much he tries to do physically, he decided to do more to reach a wider audience with his book. Anyone who is going through any kind of loss stands to benefit a lot from Eric Lomax. Eric passes loud and clear messages about getting over grief to audiences ranging from individuals to religious and educational institutions.

In his words, “My motivational activities and book set out to achieve a few things. I want people to know that it’s okay to grieve and feel pain. I also want them to understand that there is no set time limit. It’s okay to go at your pace. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. I was pushed to help others get through their grief when I realized that my struggles were not meant to break me. They were meant to make me and propel me into my destiny. I put this to use for myself and committed myself to help others achieve the same.”

While his book, “From Grief to Glory: The Rise of the Centurion,” continues to sell, Eric Lomax continues to reinforce his teachings every opportunity he gets. For the next few years, his goal is to continue touching lives positively and helping them see the silver lining in their dark clouds. He wants to build a new crop of leaders to inspire and walk with others through their struggles and paths to victory.

Learn more about Eric A. Lomax on his website.

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