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Celebrity Dr. Fia Johansson Shines Not Only As An Actress, But Also As A Producer, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur

Dr. Fia Johansson is many things: a world-renown coach, angel investor, best-selling author, and multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Yet despite all she has accomplished in these spaces, she’s looking to expand her horizon once more by conquering new territory: Hollywood. 

As she juggles all her companies and endeavors, Dr. Fia is now starting to carve out a significant portion of her time to produce and star in American Sicario, an up-and-coming film that will also feature iconic celebrity and actor Danny Trejo, whom movie and film lovers will remember from blockbusters like Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn, Con Air, and Heat, among many others. Philippe A. Haddad will be playing the role of the Star as well.

The upcoming film will follow the story of Erik Vazquez, also known as La Munequita (or Little Doll in English), a Mexican American sicario who worked for some of the biggest drug cartels in the west. The film is based on a true story and features a storyline that brings a thrilling and action-packed narrative to the big screen. Apart from acting as executive producer of the flick, Dr. Fia Johansson will also be one of the movie’s cast members. Working with Dr. Fia to make the film happen are director RJ Collins and producer Ross Campbell. 

Aside from acting, Dr. Fia has dipped her toes in many endeavors. Over the years, Dr. Fia would build a loyal fanbase and gain over two million followers on social media. And until this day, she uses her platform and coaching business to create experiences that enrich and heal people.

Dr. Fia Johansson has appeared in various major publications, including Wall Street Journal and Forbes. After getting featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox News channels, she has also appeared before millions of viewers worldwide. Johansson is also an author who has penned many highly-acclaimed books like Success Strategies co-written with Jack Canfield and Think Big with Brian Tracy. Her other solo book is entitled Re-Coding Your Brain for a Better Life: The Secret to Igniting Your Mind and Achieving Your Dreams.

American Sicario has been picked up by Saban Films and looks to hit theaters sometime in late 2021. Dr. Fia will be playing a character named Angela. By adding “actress” and “producer” to her titles, Johansson hopes to inspire more people, especially women, to continue pushing forward and follow their dreams no matter how many naysayers might interject. To learn more about Dr. Fia Johansson, visit her official website or go to www.AvidAdvice.com.

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