Boss Startup Science on Why Entrepreneurs Fail and How They Can Avoid It


Startup expert and serial entrepreneur Gregory Shepard has observed that as much as 90% of new businesses fail due to common yet avoidable mistakes. Because of this, the inspiring individual has taken it upon himself to guide aspiring and struggling business owners through the learning center he co-founded: BOSS Startup Science.

The staggering statistic shows that while many people wish to build a thriving business, not everyone has the chops to do so. However, some of the frequent mistakes small business owners make can be addressed relatively quickly, which is what BOSS Startup Science aims to achieve.

As proof of its determination to help budding entrepreneurs, the venture shared on its site, “In the startup world, there is a fine line between success and failure. Our entire focus is helping you walk it.”

The stellar brand utilizes the BOSS or Business Operating Support System, which Gregory Shepard himself developed. It is a business methodology that focuses on early-stage startups. Additionally, it provides a framework designed to achieve a successful liquidity event within five years.

It was created to empower entrepreneurs and, at the same time, increase the success rate of their startups. But perhaps its most crucial purpose is to help early-stage founders avoid common mistakes by improving their understanding of starting, growing, and scaling with less risk.

On the other hand, Gregory Shepard employs a hands-on approach in managing BOSS Startup Science and its students. On top of that, the co-founder contributes valuable insights and perspective that allows clients to make wise decisions. This impeccable dedication is what makes the enterprise extremely successful.

As a testament to his impeccable business acumen and prowess for growing companies, he has successfully closed 12 liquidity events. Two of which were sold as part of a $925 million transaction. He also won 4 Private Equity Awards for transactions between $250 million to $1 billion.

Aside from sharing his knowledge with students and clients, the startup specialist is also a renowned author for ForbesBooks. He has written over 100 articles published in 25 national and international publications. 

On top of that, he is a keynote speaker for TEDx as well as universities, associations, and conferences worldwide. Not only that, but he also frequently appears on podcasts, network TV shows, and radio programs to share his expertise in the business and startup industry. 

Undoubtedly, Gregory Shepard is already successful in his own right. So when he was asked why he decided to co-found BOSS Startup Science, his answer was simple yet impactful. He said, “I am motivated by the concept of being able to change income and wealth inequality through entrepreneurship and poor people that are living check-to-check into a different category of wealth.”

With this vision in mind, he has also written a book that sheds light on why startup companies within the world are doing most things wrong and why there is a 90% failure rate. The research paper is called Silver Master, and with all of Gregory’s expertise, readers will definitely benefit. The research paper is an overall masterful blueprint that showcases major pitfalls, proper North Star trajectory and alignment and reveals 5-years of compiled evidence as to why high failure rates occur in the first place.

Moving forward, the inspiring businessman and educator plans to continue his noble cause and bring more up-and-coming entrepreneurs to a higher level of success through BOSS Startup Science and his other ventures.Find out more about BOSS Startup Science by checking out its official website. You can also go to Gregory Shepard’s page for more information about his other projects.

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