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July 20, 2024

Bill Abernathy Unleashes the Hits on Latest Album “More” (Review)

Bill Abernathy Unleashes the Hits on Latest Album “More” (Review)
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By: John Glover (MBA)

Bill Abernathy’s latest album, “More,” released on September 29, 2023, continues to affirm his prowess as a singer-songwriter with a remarkable ability to tell poignant stories through his music. Following his highly successful album “Crossing Willow Creek,” Abernathy delves into deeper themes, merging rich instrumentation with soulful lyricism that reflects his life experiences and artistic growth.

Track-by-Track Analysis

It Is What It Is Until It’s Not

The album opens with this introspective track that sets a contemplative tone. The arrangement combines acoustic guitar with subtle string elements, creating a spacious backdrop for Abernathy’s reflective lyrics. The song explores themes of change and acceptance, with a melodic progression that gently draws the listener in.

The 70’s Were a Little Hard on Me – Yacht Rock

This track is a delightful nod to the nostalgia of the 1970s, evoking a sense of easygoing reflection with its smooth yacht rock influences. The soft rock elements are perfectly complemented by Abernathy’s vocals, which exude a warmth that pairs well with the laid-back yet introspective lyrics.

Hide Away

As the lead single, “Hide Away” made waves on the National Radio Hits AC40 chart. The track stands out with its emotive storytelling and haunting melody. The arrangement features a compelling interplay between the acoustic and electric guitars, creating a dynamic soundscape that resonates with Abernathy’s powerful vocal delivery.


The title track and current single, which hit #1 on the National Radio Hits charts, “More,” is a deeply moving piece that serves as the emotional core of the album. Abernathy’s lyrics delve into themes of longing and introspection, supported by a rich musical backdrop of piano and strings. The track builds to a poignant climax, showcasing Abernathy’s ability to evoke deep emotions through both his words and music.

Call Their Name

This song features a more upbeat tempo with a driving rhythm that underscores its uplifting message. The blend of folk-rock elements and Abernathy’s earnest vocals makes it an engaging and memorable track. The instrumentation, particularly the use of electric guitar riffs, adds a layer of energy and optimism. The track was another #1 on the National Radio Hits airplay charts.

Save Your Drama for Your Momma

A light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek track that provides a refreshing contrast to the more serious songs on the album. With a catchy chorus and playful lyrics, it showcases Abernathy’s versatility as an artist who can balance humor and sincerity. The infectious rhythm and buoyant melody make it a standout track that is sure to resonate with listeners.

The 70’s Were a Little Hard on Me – Country Rock

This version of “The 70’s Were a Little Hard on Me” shifts gears into a country rock style, adding a new dimension to the song. The twangy guitars and upbeat rhythm lend a distinctly different feel from the yacht rock version, highlighting Abernathy’s adaptability and skill in traversing multiple genres.

Call Their Name – Acoustic

Stripping back to an acoustic arrangement, this version of “Call Their Name” offers a more intimate listening experience. The focus on acoustic guitar and subtle backing vocals allows Abernathy’s emotive performance to shine, making it a heartfelt rendition that emphasizes the song’s lyrical depth.

More – Acoustic

The acoustic take on the title track strips down the arrangement to its bare essentials, highlighting the raw emotionality of Abernathy’s performance. The simplicity of the acoustic guitar accompaniment allows for a more personal connection with the listener, drawing attention to the poignant lyrics and Abernathy’s soulful voice.

On the whole, “More” is a testament to Bill Abernathy’s growth as a storyteller and musician. The album traverses a broad emotional landscape, offering a mix of reflective ballads and spirited anthems. Abernathy’s ability to blend different musical styles—from folk and rock to country—demonstrates his versatility and depth as an artist. 

The production quality, handled by Larry Gann and Abernathy himself, is impeccable, ensuring that each track resonates with clarity and emotional weight. The musicianship throughout the album is top-notch, with contributions from talented artists like Kevin Rogers on electric guitars, Craig Kew on bass, and Alex Cordero on keyboards and strings. Each instrument is carefully layered to complement Abernathy’s storytelling, creating a rich and immersive listening experience.

For those who appreciate thoughtful lyrics and emotive melodies, “More” is a must-listen. Abernathy’s honest and heartfelt approach to songwriting, combined with his distinctive voice and masterful arrangements, makes this album a compelling addition to his discography. As he continues to evolve as an artist, Bill Abernathy’s music remains a powerful testament to the enduring impact of sincere and skillfully crafted songwriting.

“More” not only solidifies Bill Abernathy’s status as a distinguished singer-songwriter but also promises to touch the hearts of listeners with its profound storytelling and musical richness.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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