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Author AE Gold Opens Up a Whole New World to Readers with the Next American Literary Classic, Trim Kamp

photo by Taylor Page Robinson

One of the greatest achievements any individual skilled in the art of writing can achieve is to have their works published. Seasoned writer AE Gold is among those who finally had the opportunity to showcase his craft beyond content writing. After years of crafting his concept, Gold made his breakthrough when he published Trim Kamp in 2017. 

Trim Kamp has been described by readers as the next “American literary classic” and an “anthem for a new generation.” The book takes readers on an authentic journey into the cannabis scene in California as they walk with the protagonists, a group of professional skateboarders taking a gonzo dive into the smoke-infested world.

“This tale is unique because it comes from a skateboarder/surfer perspective that carefully analyzes each intricate character trait as its own universe and expounds on the effects of those characteristics,” described author AE Gold.

Trim Kamp introduces readers to main protagonists Evan and Ian, professional skateboarders who feel the injuries they’ve sustained through the years, and other issues, have hindered them from pursuing a brighter future. So, looking to venture into other endeavors, they delve into the world of weed, working as trimmers at a weed farm. 

The book is written from the perspective of Evan, giving readers the feeling that they are listening to an old friend’s adventures. Throughout the book, words, slangs, and expressions are explained, helping those unfamiliar with the lifestyle understand better. Trim Kamp also features illustrations pasted between the short chapters. 


Trim Kamp also educates readers to identify the parts of the weed that can be used to treat cancer, how they can trim without removing the essential parts, and how to process weed from the field until storage. International readers also learn that a specific amount of weed is legalized in some states in the United States.

Author AE Gold wrote his novel intending to fly the gonzo flag. But instead, he wanted to bring something funny, insightful, and informative to the world. “I waited patiently for this material to create itself, and now is the time to make everyone aware of its value,” said Gold.

Before publishing his novel, AE Gold provided his writing talents to several media outlets, writing insightful columns and feature articles to established platforms like Snowboarder Magazine, Transworld Skateboarding, Transworld Snowboarding, Transworld Business, S.G. Magazine, Concussion Magazine, The Tahoe World, Lemonade Magazine, and more. Finally, after more than two decades of writing, the author felt it was time to create something personal to share with the world.

“When I worked for Snowboarder Magazine, I knew one day I would write a novel,” revealed Gold. “Trim Kamp is that experience. Trim Kamp was waiting for me, and now the whole world gets to jump in the ‘turtle’ and go trim some weed.”

AE Gold hopes that Trim Kamp will gain traction and become a New York Times Bestseller, especially with how educational it can be for people new to the world of weed. He is currently in the process of getting his book on the big screen. “I will be working on the film adaptation of the book,” shared the author.

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