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Actor and Influencer David Murietta Jr. Reflects on His Career in the Entertainment Industry

Most people dream of pursuing a career in entertainment from a young age, but others take time to realize they want to become actors. David Murietta Jr. was on a different career path before realizing how much he loved performing in front of the camera. Today, he has established himself as an actor and influencer, filming vlogs with his newly-wed wife, Alexandra Creteau.

Originally from San Jose, California, David Murietta Jr.’s path was in Law Enforcement and Business. He would eventually move to San Francisco, where he discovered his natural ability to act. David’s talent was evident despite his lack of experience or training in the entertainment industry. He would later move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor.

In the City of Angels, David started to build a strong portfolio consisting of short films and appearances on TV shows. Many of his roles have him playing a police officer or a soldier. He has appeared in films like Angelics: Ascension, Internal Conflict, Sunset Glory: Doolittle’s Heroes, and Grey’s Anatomy, among many others. From there, David’s fame would only grow as he found gigs in the modeling space. 

Eventually, David Murietta Jr. met actress Alexandra Creteau, and it did not take long for the two to start dating. She would introduce him to the social media world, where he thrived as a vlogger and fashion influencer. Together, the couple created a YouTube channel called Dalex Vlogs, where they share their travel stories, dating tips, and health and lifestyle videos. With more than 9,000 subscribers, their channel continues to grow.

“I was introduced to acting and the influencer lifestyle very late in the game,” shared David, “Not having a lot of theatrical training growing up made me more determined and hungry to just create content. From comedy sketches, dramatic short stories, or full feature films, if I could be part of it in one way or another, I was all in.”

“Before acting and being a social media influencer, I have never had a career, let alone a job where I had the freedom to express myself artistically,” revealed the actor, “Blogging, becoming a brand ambassador, and social media influencing became a part of my daily routine, which I enjoy between auditions. It gives my audience an insider’s look at what it is like to pursue being a working actor.”

Since pursuing a career in entertainment, David and Alexandra have taken on projects together and supported one another in their respective careers. In a difficult industry like entertainment, they understand the importance of prioritizing each other above everything else. David also shares that he has enjoyed the most out of life since shifting his career, especially with his best friend and soulmate.

After spending couple years together, David Murietta Jr. and Alexandra Creteau finally tied the knot on the 8th of May this year. They were wed at Regan Beach in Lake Tahoe in a small ceremony. The couple plan to hold another wedding ceremony in August, where they will celebrate with their family and friends. 

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